Pdf Export Search Improving Text-to-Pictograph Translation Through Word Sense Disambiguation
[S16-2017]: Leen Sevens | Gilles Jacobs | Vincent Vandeghinste | Ineke Schuurman | Frank Van Eynde


Pdf Export Search Natural Language Generation from Pictographs
[W15-4711]: Leen Sevens | Vincent Vandeghinste | Ineke Schuurman | Frank Van Eynde

Pdf Export Search Extending a Dutch Text-to-Pictograph Converter to English and Spanish
[W15-5119]: Leen Sevens | Vincent Vandeghinste | Ineke Schuurman | Frank Van Eynde


Pdf Export Search Experiences with the ISOcat Data Category Registry
[L14-1171]: Daan Broeder | Ineke Schuurman | Menzo Windhouwer

Pdf Export Search Linking Pictographs to Synsets: Sclera2Cornetto
[L14-1195]: Vincent Vandeghinste | Ineke Schuurman

Pdf Export Search Linguistic resources and cats: how to use ISOcat, RELcat and SCHEMAcat
[L14-1342]: Menzo Windhouwer | Ineke Schuurman


Pdf Export Search Example-Based Treebank Querying with GrETEL–Now Also for Spoken Dutch
[W13-5638]: Liesbeth Augustinus | Vincent Vandeghinste | Ineke Schuurman | Frank van Eynde


Pdf Export Search Beyond SoNaR: towards the facilitation of large corpus building efforts
[L12-1437]: Martin Reynaert | Ineke Schuurman | Veronique Hoste | Nelleke Oostdijk | Maarten van Gompel


Pdf Export Search Interacting Semantic Layers of Annotation in SoNaR, a Reference Corpus of Contemporary Written Dutch
[L10-1104]: Ineke Schuurman | Véronique Hoste | Paola Monachesi

Pdf Export Search Cultural Aspects of Spatiotemporal Analysis in Multilingual Applications
[L10-1119]: Ineke Schuurman | Vincent Vandeghinste


Pdf Export Search From D-Coi to SoNaR: a reference corpus for Dutch
[L08-1226]: Nelleke Oostdijk | Martin Reynaert | Paola Monachesi | Gertjan Van Noord | Roeland Ordelman | Ineke Schuurman | Vincent Vandeghinste

Pdf Export Search Spatiotemporal Annotation Using MiniSTEx: how to deal with Alternative, Foreign, Vague and/or Obsolete Names?
[L08-1561]: Ineke Schuurman

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Machine Translation System for Low Resource Languages: METIS-II
[L08-1566]: Vincent Vandeghinste | Peter Dirix | Ineke Schuurman | Stella Markantonatou | Sokratis Sofianopoulos | Marina Vassiliou | Olga Yannoutsou | Toni Badia | Maite Melero | Gemma Boleda | Michael Carl | Paul Schmidt


Pdf Export Search Linguistic Annotation of the Spoken Dutch Corpus: If We Had To Do It All Over Again
[L04-1258]: Ineke Schuurman | Wim Goedertier | Heleen Hoekstra | Nelleke Oostdijk | Richard Piepenbrock | Machteld Schouppe


Pdf Export Search CGN, an annotated corpus of spoken Dutch
[W03-2414]: Ineke Schuurman | Machteld Schouppe | **Heleen Hoekstra | Ton van der Wouden


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Analysis in the Spoken Dutch Corpus (CGN).
[L02-1071]: Ton van der Wouden | Heleen Hoekstra | Michael Moortgat | Bram Renmans | Ineke Schuurman