Pdf Export Search Storyteller: Visual Analytics of Perspectives on Rich Text Interpretations
[W17-4207]: Maarten van Meersbergen | Piek Vossen | Janneke van der Zwaan | Antske Fokkens | Willem van Hage | Inger Leemans | Isa Maks


Pdf Export Search Unshared Task at the 3rd Workshop on Argument Mining: Perspective Based Local Agreement and Disagreement in Online Debate
[W16-2819]: Chantal van Son | Tommaso Caselli | Antske Fokkens | Isa Maks | Roser Morante | Lora Aroyo | Piek Vossen


Pdf Export Search Generating Polarity Lexicons with WordNet propagation in 5 languages
[L14-1653]: Isa Maks | Ruben Izquierdo | Francesca Frontini | Rodrigo Agerri | Piek Vossen | Andoni Azpeitia


Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis of Reviews: Should we analyze writer intentions or reader perceptions?
[R13-1054]: Isa Maks | Piek Vossen


Pdf Export Search Building a fine-grained subjectivity lexicon from a web corpus
[L12-1607]: Isa Maks | Piek Vossen


Pdf Export Search A verb lexicon model for deep sentiment analysis and opinion mining applications
[W11-1702]: Isa Maks | Piek Vossen


Pdf Export Search Annotation Scheme and Gold Standard for Dutch Subjective Adjectives
[L10-1106]: Isa Maks | Piek Vossen


Pdf Export Search Integrating Lexical Units, Synsets and Ontology in the Cornetto Database
[L08-1040]: Piek Vossen | Isa Maks | Roxane Segers | Hennie VanderVliet

Pdf Export Search Adjectives in the Dutch Semantic Lexical Database CORNETTO
[L08-1161]: Isa Maks | Piek Vossen | Roxane Segers | Hennie van der Vliet

Pdf Export Search Standardising Bilingual Lexical Resources According to the Lexicon Markup Framework
[L08-1432]: Isa Maks | Carole Tiberius | Remco van Veenendaal


Pdf Export Search MULTITALE: linking medical concepts by means of frames
[C96-2126]: Isa Maks | Willy Martin