Pdf Export Search Poster Note A Structured Variational Autoencoder for Contextual Morphological Inflection
[P18-1245]: Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin | Jason Naradowsky | Sebastian J. Mielke | Ryan Cotterell

Pdf Export Search Language Modeling for Morphologically Rich Languages: Character-Aware Modeling for Word-Level Prediction
[Q18-1032]: Daniela Gerz | Ivan Vulić | Edoardo Maria Ponti | Jason Naradowsky | Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Hypothesis Only Baselines in Natural Language Inference
[S18-2023]: Adam Poliak | Jason Naradowsky | Aparajita Haldar | Rachel Rudinger | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Gender Bias in Coreference Resolution
[N18-2002]: Rachel Rudinger | Jason Naradowsky | Brian Leonard | Benjamin Van Durme


Pdf Export Search Break it Down for Me: A Study in Automated Lyric Annotation
[D17-1220]: Lucas Sterckx | Jason Naradowsky | Bill Byrne | Thomas Demeester | Chris Develder


Pdf Export Search Note Noise reduction and targeted exploration in imitation learning for Abstract Meaning Representation parsing
[P16-1001]: James Goodman | Andreas Vlachos | Jason Naradowsky

Pdf Export Search UCL+Sheffield at SemEval-2016 Task 8: Imitation learning for AMR parsing with an alpha-bound
[S16-1180]: James Goodman | Andreas Vlachos | Jason Naradowsky


Pdf Export Search Matrix and Tensor Factorization Methods for Natural Language Processing
[P15-5005]: Guillaume Bouchard | Jason Naradowsky | Sebastian Riedel | Tim Rocktäschel | Andreas Vlachos

Pdf Export Search WOLFE: An NLP-friendly Declarative Machine Learning Stack
[N15-3013]: Sameer Singh | Tim Rocktäschel | Luke Hewitt | Jason Naradowsky | Sebastian Riedel


Pdf Export Search Grammarless Parsing for Joint Inference
[C12-1122]: Jason Naradowsky | Tim Vieira | David Smith

Pdf Export Search Improving NLP through Marginalization of Hidden Syntactic Structure
[D12-1074]: Jason Naradowsky | Sebastian Riedel | David Smith


Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Model for Joint Morphological Disambiguation and Dependency Parsing
[P11-1089]: John Lee | Jason Naradowsky | David A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Bilingual Morpheme Segmentation and Alignment with Context-rich Hidden Semi-Markov Models
[P11-1090]: Jason Naradowsky | Kristina Toutanova


Pdf Export Search Polylingual Topic Models
[D09-1092]: David Mimno | Hanna M. Wallach | Jason Naradowsky | David A. Smith | Andrew McCallum