Pdf Export Search Summarization of Multi-Document Topic Hierarchies using Submodular Mixtures
[P15-1054]: Ramakrishna Bairi | Rishabh Iyer | Ganesh Ramakrishnan | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Submodularity for Data Selection in Machine Translation
[D14-1014]: Katrin Kirchhoff | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Using Document Summarization Techniques for Speech Data Subset Selection
[N13-1086]: Kai Wei | Yuzong Liu | Katrin Kirchhoff | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search A Class of Submodular Functions for Document Summarization
[P11-1052]: Hui Lin | Jeff Bilmes

Pdf Export Search Word Alignment via Submodular Maximization over Matroids
[P11-2030]: Hui Lin | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Multi-document Summarization via Budgeted Maximization of Submodular Functions
[N10-1134]: Hui Lin | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Compiling a Massive, Multilingual Dictionary via Probabilistic Inference
[P09-1030]: Mausam | Stephen Soderland | Oren Etzioni | Daniel Weld | Michael Skinner | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Soft-Supervised Learning for Text Classification
[D08-1114]: Amarnag Subramanya | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Generalized Graphical Abstractions for Statistical Machine Translation
[N07-2009]: Karim Filali | Jeff Bilmes

Pdf Export Search Virtual Evidence for Training Speech Recognizers Using Partially Labeled Data
[N07-2042]: Amarnag Subramanya | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Backoff Model Training using Partially Observed Data: Application to Dialog Act Tagging
[N06-1036]: Gang Ji | Jeff Bilmes

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Computationally Hard Problems and Joint Inference in Speech and Language Processing
[W06-3600]: Ryan McDonald | Charles Sutton | Hal Daumé III | Andrew McCallum | Fernando Pereira | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search A Dynamic Bayesian Framework to Model Context and Memory in Edit Distance Learning: An Application to Pronunciation Classification
[P05-1042]: Karim Filali | Jeff Bilmes