Pdf Export Search 基於盲訊號分離語音增強技術之遠距離雜訊語音辨識 (Speech Enhancement Technique Based on Blind Source Separation for Far-Field Noisy Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
[O09-2005]: Sheng-Chieh Lee | Jhing-Fa Wang | Miao-Hai Chen

Pdf Export Search Consolidation of Robust Speaker and Speech Recognition for Intelligent Doorway Application
[O09-2008]: Ta-Wen Kuan | Jhing-Fa Wang | Po-Yi Shih | Ta-Wei Sun | Miao-Hai Chen


Pdf Export Search 一個結合SVM 與Eigen-MLLR 新的多語者線上調適架構應用於泛在語音辨識系統 (A New On-Line Multi-Speaker Adaptation Architecture Combining SVM with Eigen-MLLR for Ubiquitous Speech Recognition System) [In Chinese]
[O08-1006]: Po-Yi Shih | Yuan-Ning Lin | Jhing-Fa Wang

Pdf Export Search Robust Features for Effective Speech and Music Discrimination
[O08-1015]: Zhong-hua Fu | Jhing-Fa Wang


Pdf Export Search 以支援向量機為基礎之新穎語者切換偵測演算法 (A Novel Algorithm for Speaker Change Detection Based on Support Vector Machine) [In Chinese]
[O05-1001]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Po-Chuan Lin | Jia-Ching Wang | Hao-Ching Sung

Pdf Export Search Translation Divergence Analysis and Processing for Mandarin-English Parallel Text Exploitation
[O05-1029]: Shun-Chieh Lin | Jia-Ching Wang | Jhing-Fa Wang

Pdf Export Search TAICAR - The Collection and Annotation of an In-Car Speech Database Created in Taiwan
[O05-3005]: Hsien-Chang Wang | Chung-Hsien Yang | Jhing-Fa Wang | Chung-Hsien Wu | Jen-Tzung Chien


Pdf Export Search 利用小波聽覺分頻處理與訊號子空間分解於車內噪音消除 (In-Car Speech Enhancement Using Wavelet Based Perceptual Filterbank and Signal Subspace Tracking) [In Chinese]
[O04-1001]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Chung-Hsien Yang | Kai-Hsing Chang

Pdf Export Search A New Two-Layer Approach for Spoken Language Translation
[O04-1028]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Shun-Chieh Lin | Hsueh-Wei Yang

Pdf Export Search Multiple-Translation Spotting for Mandarin-Taiwanese Speech-to-Speech Translation
[O04-3002]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Shun-Chieh Lin | Hsueh-Wei Yang | Fan-Min Li


Pdf Export Search Domain Unconstrained Language Understanding Based on How-net
[Y00-1032]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Hsien-Chang Wang | Chin-Nan Lee


Pdf Export Search 國語文句翻台語語音系統之研究 (A Study for Mandarin Text to Taiwanese speech System) [In Chinese]
[O99-1002]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Bau-Jang Whang | Shun-Chieh Lin

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y99-1000]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Chung-Hsien Wu

Pdf Export Search A Large-Vocabulary Bilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese and Japanese Language
[Y99-1033]: Jyh-Shing Shyuu | Jhing-Fa Wang


Pdf Export Search 電話查詢口語對話系統中語音辨識不確定性之處理 (Dealing with the Uncertainty of Speech Recognition for Spoken Telephone-Number Inquiry System) [In Chinese]
[O98-1011]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Hsien-Chang Wang | Yi-Nan Liu


Pdf Export Search A Conversational Agent for Food-ordering Dialog Based on VenusDictate
[O97-1018]: Hsien-Chang Wang | Jhing-Fa Wang | Yi-Nan Liu


Pdf Export Search A Mandarin Voice Organizer Based on a Template-Matching Speech Recognizer
[Y96-1030]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Jyh-Shing Shyuu | Chung-Hsien Wu


Pdf Export Search 應用於"音中仙"國語聽寫機之短語規則分析與建立(A study on rules of collocations for mandarin dictation system "Sound of Venus") [In Chinese]
[O95-1011]: Jui-Feng Yeh | Jhing-Fa Wang | Jyh-Shing Hsu