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Pdf Export Search Hunter NMT System for WMT18 Biomedical Translation Task: Transfer Learning in Neural Machine Translation
[W18-6447]: Abdul Khan | Subhadarshi Panda | Jia Xu | Lampros Flokas

Pdf Export Search Assessing Quality Estimation Models for Sentence-Level Prediction
[C18-1129]: Hoang Cuong | Jia Xu


Pdf Export Search Hunter MT: A Course for Young Researchers in WMT17
[W17-4744]: Jia Xu | Yi Zong Kuang | Shondell Baijoo | Jacob Hyun Lee | Uman Shahzad | Mir Ahmed | Meredith Lancaster | Chris Carlan


Pdf Export Search Query Lattice for Translation Retrieval
[C14-1192]: Meiping Dong | Yong Cheng | Yang Liu | Jia Xu | Maosong Sun | Tatsuya Izuha | Jie Hao


Pdf Export Search Enhancing Chinese Word Segmentation Using Unlabeled Data
[D11-1090]: Weiwei Sun | Jia Xu

Pdf Export Search DFKI Hybrid Machine Translation System for WMT 2011 - On the Integration of SMT and RBMT
[W11-2161]: Jia Xu | Hans Uszkoreit | Casey Kennington | David Vilar | Xiaojun Zhang


Pdf Export Search Further Experiments with Shallow Hybrid MT Systems
[W10-1708]: Christian Federmann | Andreas Eisele | Yu Chen | Sabine Hunsicker | Jia Xu | Hans Uszkoreit


Pdf Export Search Phrase Table Training for Precision and Recall: What Makes a Good Phrase and a Good Phrase Pair?
[P08-1010]: Yonggang Deng | Jia Xu | Yuqing Gao

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Semi-Supervised Chinese Word Segmentation for Statistical Machine Translation
[C08-1128]: Jia Xu | Jianfeng Gao | Kristina Toutanova | Hermann Ney


Pdf Export Search Partitioning Parallel Documents Using Binary Segmentation
[W06-3111]: Jia Xu | Richard Zens | Hermann Ney


Pdf Export Search Do We Need Chinese Word Segmentation for Statistical Machine Translation?
[W04-1118]: Jia Xu | Richard Zens | Hermann Ney