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Pdf Export Search Presentation Multi-Passage Machine Reading Comprehension with Cross-Passage Answer Verification
[P18-1178]: Yizhong Wang | Kai Liu | Jing Liu | Wei He | Yajuan Lyu | Hua Wu | Sujian Li | Haifeng Wang

Pdf Export Search DuReader: a Chinese Machine Reading Comprehension Dataset from Real-world Applications
[W18-2605]: Wei He | Kai Liu | Jing Liu | Yajuan Lyu | Shiqi Zhao | Xinyan Xiao | Yuan Liu | Yizhong Wang | Hua Wu | Qiaoqiao She | Xuan Liu | Tian Wu | Haifeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Adaptations of ROUGE and BLEU to Better Evaluate Machine Reading Comprehension Task
[W18-2611]: An Yang | Kai Liu | Jing Liu | Yajuan Lyu | Sujian Li

Pdf Export Search Neural Math Word Problem Solver with Reinforcement Learning
[C18-1018]: Danqing Huang | Jing Liu | Chin-Yew Lin | Jian Yin

Pdf Export Search Attachment Answer-focused and Position-aware Neural Question Generation
[D18-1427]: Xingwu Sun | Jing Liu | Yajuan Lyu | Wei He | Yanjun Ma | Shi Wang

Pdf Export Search Revisiting Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction
[L18-1566]: Tingsong Jiang | Jing Liu | Chin-Yew Lin | Zhifang Sui

Pdf Export Search Aggregated Semantic Matching for Short Text Entity Linking
[K18-1046]: Feng Nie | Shuyan Zhou | Jing Liu | Jinpeng Wang | Chin-Yew Lin | Rong Pan


Pdf Export Search A Statistical Framework for Product Description Generation
[I17-2032]: Jinpeng Wang | Yutai Hou | Jing Liu | Yunbo Cao | Chin-Yew Lin


Pdf Export Search News Citation Recommendation with Implicit and Explicit Semantics
[P16-1037]: Hao Peng | Jing Liu | Chin-Yew Lin

Pdf Export Search RBPB: Regularization-Based Pattern Balancing Method for Event Extraction
[P16-1116]: Lei Sha | Jing Liu | Chin-Yew Lin | Sujian Li | Baobao Chang | Zhifang Sui

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Base Completion via Coupled Path Ranking
[P16-1124]: Quan Wang | Jing Liu | Yuanfei Luo | Bin Wang | Chin-Yew Lin


Pdf Export Search A Regularized Competition Model for Question Difficulty Estimation in Community Question Answering Services
[D14-1118]: Quan Wang | Jing Liu | Bin Wang | Li Guo


Pdf Export Search Question Difficulty Estimation in Community Question Answering Services
[D13-1009]: Jing Liu | Quan Wang | Chin-Yew Lin | Hsiao-Wuen Hon

Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Entity-Based Approach to Structuralize User Generated Content in Social Media: A Case of Yahoo! Answers
[D13-1159]: Baichuan Li | Jing Liu | Chin-Yew Lin | Irwin King | Michael R. Lyu


Pdf Export Search Nonlinear Evidence Fusion and Propagation for Hyponymy Relation Mining
[P11-1116]: Fan Zhang | Shuming Shi | Jing Liu | Shuqi Sun | Chin-Yew Lin