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Pdf Export Search NextGen AML: Distributed Deep Learning based Language Technologies to Augment Anti Money Laundering Investigation
[P18-4007]: Jingguang Han | Utsab Barman | Jeremiah Hayes | Jinhua Du | Edward Burgin | Dadong Wan

Pdf Export Search Multi-Level Structured Self-Attentions for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction
[D18-1245]: Jinhua Du | Jingguang Han | Andy Way | Dadong Wan


Pdf Export Search Semantics-Enhanced Task-Oriented Dialogue Translation: A Case Study on Hotel Booking
[I17-3009]: Longyue Wang | Jinhua Du | Liangyou Li | Zhaopeng Tu | Andy Way | Qun Liu


Pdf Export Search Incorporating Source-Language Paraphrases into Phrase-Based SMT with Confusion Networks
[W11-1004]: Jie Jiang | Jinhua Du | Andy Way


Pdf Export Search MATREX: The DCU MT System for WMT 2010
[W10-1720]: Sergio Penkale | Rejwanul Haque | Sandipan Dandapat | Pratyush Banerjee | Ankit K. Srivastava | Jinhua Du | Pavel Pecina | Sudip Kumar Naskar | Mikel L. Forcada | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search An Augmented Three-Pass System Combination Framework: DCU Combination System for WMT 2010
[W10-1742]: Jinhua Du | Pavel Pecina | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search The DCU Dependency-Based Metric in WMT-MetricsMATR 2010
[W10-1753]: Yifan He | Jinhua Du | Andy Way | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Source-side Syntactic Reordering Patterns with Functional Words for Improved Phrase-based SMT
[W10-3803]: Jie Jiang | Jinhua Du | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Latent Variable-Based "DE" Classifier for Chinese-English SMT
[C10-1033]: Jinhua Du | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search Facilitating Translation Using Source Language Paraphrase Lattices
[D10-1041]: Jinhua Du | Jie Jiang | Andy Way


Pdf Export Search MATREX: The DCU MT System for WMT 2009
[W09-0416]: Jinhua Du | Yifan He | Sergio Penkale | Andy Way