Pdf Export Search Semantic Equivalence Detection: Are Interrogatives Harder than Declaratives?
[L18-1513]: João Rodrigues | Chakaveh Saedi | António Branco | João Silva

Pdf Export Search Browsing and Supporting Pluricentric Global Wordnet, or just your Wordnet of Interest
[L18-1722]: António Branco | Ruben Branco | Chakaveh Saedi | João Silva

Pdf Export Search Predicting Brain Activation with WordNet Embeddings
[W18-2801]: João Antõnio Rodrigues | Ruben Branco | João Silva | Chakaveh Saedi | Antõnio Branco

Pdf Export Search WordNet Embeddings
[W18-3016]: Chakaveh Saedi | António Branco | João António Rodrigues | João Silva


Pdf Export Search Ways of Asking and Replying in Duplicate Question Detection
[S17-1030]: João António Rodrigues | Chakaveh Saedi | Vladislav Maraev | João Silva | António Branco


Pdf Export Search SMT and Hybrid systems of the QTLeap project in the WMT16 IT-task
[W16-2332]: Rosa Gaudio | Gorka Labaka | Eneko Agirre | Petya Osenova | Kiril Simov | Martin Popel | Dieke Oele | Gertjan van Noord | Luís Gomes | João António Rodrigues | Steven Neale | João Silva | Andreia Querido | Nuno Rendeiro | António Branco

Pdf Export Search Adding syntactic structure to bilingual terminology for improved domain adaptation
[W16-6405]: Mikel Artetxe | Gorka Labaka | Chakaveh Saedi | João Rodrigues | João Silva | António Branco | Eneko Agirre


Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping a hybrid deep MT system
[W15-4101]: João Silva | João Rodrigues | Luís Gomes | António Branco

Pdf Export Search Small in Size, Big in Precision: A Case for Using Language-Specific Lexical Resources for Word Sense Disambiguation
[W15-5503]: Steven Neale | João Silva | António Branco


Pdf Export Search A PropBank for Portuguese: the CINTIL-PropBank
[L12-1184]: António Branco | Catarina Carvalheiro | Sílvia Pereira | Sara Silveira | João Silva | Sérgio Castro | João Graça

Pdf Export Search Dealing with unknown words in statistical machine translation
[L12-1585]: João Silva | Luísa Coheur | Ângela Costa | Isabel Trancoso

Pdf Export Search Assigning Deep Lexical Types Using Structured Classifier Features for Grammatical Dependencies
[W12-3409]: João Silva | António Branco


Pdf Export Search Top-Performing Robust Constituency Parsing of Portuguese: Freely Available in as Many Ways as you Can Get it
[L10-1084]: João Silva | António Branco | Patricia Gonçalves

Pdf Export Search Developing a Deep Linguistic Databank Supporting a Collection of Treebanks: the CINTIL DeepGramBank
[L10-1098]: António Branco | Francisco Costa | João Silva | Sara Silveira | Sérgio Castro | Mariana Avelãs | Clara Pinto | João Graça


Pdf Export Search LX-Center: a center of online linguistic services
[P09-4002]: António Branco | Francisco Costa | Eduardo Ferreira | Pedro Martins | Filipe Nunes | João Silva | Sara Silveira


Pdf Export Search LX-Service: Web Services of Language Technology for Portuguese
[L08-1407]: António Branco | Francisco Costa | Pedro Martins | Filipe Nunes | João Silva | Sara Silveira


Pdf Export Search Evaluating Solutions for the Rapid Development of State-of-the-Art POS Taggers for Portuguese
[L04-1354]: António Branco | João Silva


Pdf Export Search Nexing Corpus: a corpus of verbal protocols on syllogistic reasoning.
[L02-1062]: António Branco | José Leitão | João Silva | Luís Gomes