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Pdf Export Search Integrating Question Classification and Deep Learning for improved Answer Selection
[C18-1278]: Harish Tayyar Madabushi | Mark Lee | John Barnden


Pdf Export Search A New Approach to Automated Text Readability Classification based on Concept Indexing with Integrated Part-of-Speech n-gram Features
[R15-1068]: Abigail Razon | John Barnden

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2015 Task 11: Sentiment Analysis of Figurative Language in Twitter
[S15-2080]: Aniruddha Ghosh | Guofu Li | Tony Veale | Paolo Rosso | Ekaterina Shutova | John Barnden | Antonio Reyes

Pdf Export Search Modeling the interaction between sensory and affective meanings for detecting metaphor
[W15-1403]: Andrew Gargett | John Barnden


Pdf Export Search Mining Online Discussion Forums for Metaphors
[L14-1577]: Andrew Gargett | John Barnden

Pdf Export Search Dimensions of Metaphorical Meaning
[W14-4721]: Andrew Gargett | Josef Ruppenhofer | John Barnden


Pdf Export Search Textual Entailment as an Evaluation Framework for Metaphor Resolution: A Proposal
[W08-2228]: Rodrigo Agerri | John Barnden | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington


Pdf Export Search Don't worry about metaphor: affect detection for conversational agents
[P07-2010]: Catherine Smith | Timothy Rumbell | John Barnden | Robert Hendley | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington | Li Zhang

Pdf Export Search On the formalization of Invariant Mappings for Metaphor Interpretation
[P07-2028]: Rodrigo Agerri | John Barnden | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington


Pdf Export Search Reasoning in Metaphor Understanding: The ATT-Meta Approach and System
[C02-2021]: John Barnden | Sheila Glasbey | Mark Lee | Alan Wallington


Pdf Export Search Reference and Computation
[J92-1008]: John Barnden