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Pdf Export Search Compact Personalized Models for Neural Machine Translation
[D18-1104]: Joern Wuebker | Patrick Simianer | John DeNero


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Demonstrations
[N16-3000]: John DeNero | Mark Finlayson | Sravana Reddy

Pdf Export Search Models and Inference for Prefix-Constrained Machine Translation
[P16-1007]: Joern Wuebker | Spence Green | John DeNero | Sasa Hasan | Minh-Thang Luong

Pdf Export Search An Analysis of the Ability of Statistical Language Models to Capture the Structural Properties of Language
[W16-6637]: Aneiss Ghodsi | John DeNero


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Incremental Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation
[D15-1123]: Joern Wuebker | Spence Green | John DeNero

Pdf Export Search Variable-Length Word Encodings for Neural Translation Models
[D15-1249]: Rohan Chitnis | John DeNero


Pdf Export Search A Constrained Viterbi Relaxation for Bidirectional Word Alignment
[P14-1139]: Yin-Wen Chang | Alexander M. Rush | John DeNero | Michael Collins

Pdf Export Search Observational Initialization of Type-Supervised Taggers
[P14-2132]: Hui Zhang | John DeNero


Pdf Export Search Identifying Phrasal Verbs Using Many Bilingual Corpora
[D13-1060]: Karl Pichotta | John DeNero

Pdf Export Search Supervised Learning of Complete Morphological Paradigms
[N13-1138]: Greg Durrett | John DeNero


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Translation Sense Clustering
[N12-1095]: Mohit Bansal | John DeNero | Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search A Class-Based Agreement Model for Generating Accurately Inflected Translations
[P12-1016]: Spence Green | John DeNero

Pdf Export Search A Feature-Rich Constituent Context Model for Grammar Induction
[P12-2004]: Dave Golland | John DeNero | Jakob Uszkoreit


Pdf Export Search Inducing Sentence Structure from Parallel Corpora for Reordering
[D11-1018]: John DeNero | Jakob Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Model-Based Aligner Combination Using Dual Decomposition
[P11-1043]: John DeNero | Klaus Macherey


Pdf Export Search Painless Unsupervised Learning with Features
[N10-1083]: Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick | Alexandre Bouchard-Côté | John DeNero | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Model Combination for Machine Translation
[N10-1141]: John DeNero | Shankar Kumar | Ciprian Chelba | Franz Och

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Modeling of Extraction Sets for Machine Translation
[P10-1147]: John DeNero | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Efficient Parsing for Transducer Grammars
[N09-1026]: John DeNero | Mohit Bansal | Adam Pauls | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Fast Consensus Decoding over Translation Forests
[P09-1064]: John DeNero | David Chiang | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Better Word Alignments with Supervised ITG Models
[P09-1104]: Aria Haghighi | John Blitzer | John DeNero | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Asynchronous Binarization for Synchronous Grammars
[P09-2036]: John DeNero | Adam Pauls | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Sampling Alignment Structure under a Bayesian Translation Model
[D08-1033]: John DeNero | Alexandre Bouchard-Côté | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search The Complexity of Phrase Alignment Problems
[P08-2007]: John DeNero | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Approximate Factoring for A* Search
[N07-1052]: Aria Haghighi | John DeNero | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Tailoring Word Alignments to Syntactic Machine Translation
[P07-1003]: John DeNero | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Why Generative Phrase Models Underperform Surface Heuristics
[W06-3105]: John DeNero | Dan Gillick | James Zhang | Dan Klein