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Pdf Export Search Finding syntax in human encephalography with beam search
[P18-1254]: John Hale | Chris Dyer | Adhiguna Kuncoro | Jonathan Brennan

Pdf Export Search Differentiating Phrase Structure Parsing and Memory Retrieval in the Brain
[W18-0308]: Shohini Bhattasali | John Hale | Christophe Pallier | Jonathan Brennan | Wen-Ming Luh | R. Nathan Spreng

Pdf Export Search Modeling Brain Activity Associated with Pronoun Resolution in English and Chinese
[W18-0710]: Jixing Li | Murielle Fabre | Wen-Ming Luh | John Hale

Pdf Export Search The Role of Syntax During Pronoun Resolution: Evidence from fMRI
[W18-2808]: Jixing Li | Murielle Fabre | Wen-Ming Luh | John Hale

Pdf Export Search Processing MWEs: Neurocognitive Bases of Verbal MWEs and Lexical Cohesiveness within MWEs
[W18-4904]: Shohini Bhattasali | Murielle Fabre | John Hale

Pdf Export Search Presentation LSTMs Can Learn Syntax-Sensitive Dependencies Well, But Modeling Structure Makes Them Better
[P18-1132]: Adhiguna Kuncoro | Chris Dyer | John Hale | Dani Yogatama | Stephen Clark | Phil Blunsom


Pdf Export Search Entropy Reduction correlates with temporal lobe activity
[W17-0701]: Matthew Nelson | Stanislas Dehaene | Christophe Pallier | John Hale


Pdf Export Search Temporal Lobes as Combinatory Engines for both Form and Meaning
[W16-4121]: Jixing Li | Jonathan Brennan | Adam Mahar | John Hale


Pdf Export Search Modeling fMRI time courses with linguistic structure at various grain sizes
[W15-1110]: John Hale | David Lutz | Wen-Ming Luh | Jonathan Brennan


Pdf Export Search Heuristic search in a cognitive model of human parsing
[W09-3837]: John Hale


Pdf Export Search PCFGs with Syntactic and Prosodic Indicators of Speech Repairs
[P06-1021]: John Hale | Izhak Shafran | Lisa Yung | Bonnie J. Dorr | Mary Harper | Anna Krasnyanskaya | Matthew Lease | Yang (2) Liu | Brian Roark | Matthew Snover | Robin Stewart


Pdf Export Search The Information-Processing Difficulty of Incremental Parsing
[W04-0309]: John Hale


Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Earley Parser as a Psycholinguistic Model
[N01-1021]: John Hale


Pdf Export Search A Statistical Approach to Anaphora Resolution
[W98-1119]: Niyu Ge | John Hale | Eugene Charniak