Pdf Export Search MITRE at SemEval-2018 Task 11: Commonsense Reasoning without Commonsense Knowledge
[S18-1181]: Elizabeth Merkhofer | John Henderson | David Bloom | Laura Strickhart | Guido Zarrella


Pdf Export Search MITRE at SemEval-2017 Task 1: Simple Semantic Similarity
[S17-2027]: John Henderson | Elizabeth Merkhofer | Laura Strickhart | Guido Zarrella


Pdf Export Search MITRE: Seven Systems for Semantic Similarity in Tweets
[S15-2002]: Guido Zarrella | John Henderson | Elizabeth M. Merkhofer | Laura Strickhart


Pdf Export Search Discriminating Non-Native English with 350 Words
[W13-1713]: John Henderson | Guido Zarrella | Craig Pfeifer | John D. Burger

Pdf Export Search Learning from OzCLO, the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad
[W13-3405]: Dominique Estival | John Henderson | Mary Laughren | Diego Mollá | Cathy Bow | Rachel Nordlinger | Verna Rieschild | Andrea C. Schalley | Alexander W. Stanley | Colette Mrowa-Hopkins


Pdf Export Search Attachment Discriminating Gender on Twitter
[D11-1120]: John D. Burger | John Henderson | George Kim | Guido Zarrella


Pdf Export Search Gaming Fluency: Evaluating the Bounds and Expectations of Segment-based Translation Memory
[W05-0832]: John Henderson | William Morgan


Pdf Export Search MiTAP for SARS Detection
[N04-3004]: Laurie E. Damianos | Samuel Bayer | Michael A. Chisholm | John Henderson | Lynette Hirschman | William Morgan | Marc Ubaldino | Guido Zarrella | James M. Wilson V | Marat G. Polyak

Pdf Export Search Direct Maximization of Average Precision by Hill-Climbing, with a Comparison to a Maximum Entropy Approach
[N04-4024]: William Morgan | Warren Greiff | John Henderson


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Diversity for Answering Questions
[N03-2004]: John Burger | John Henderson


Pdf Export Search ATLAS: A Flexible and Extensible Architecture for Linguistic Annotation
[L00-1138]: Steven Bird | David Day | John Garofolo | John Henderson | Christophe Laprun | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Cross-Document Annotation
[L00-1151]: David Day | Alan Goldschen | John Henderson