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Pdf Export Search Automated Proof Reading of Clinical Notes
[Y11-1032]: Jon Patrick | Dung Nguyen


Pdf Export Search Cascading Classifiers for Named Entity Recognition in Clinical Notes
[W09-4507]: Yefeng Wang | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search A Cascade Approach to Extracting Medication Events
[U09-1014]: Jon Patrick | Min Li


Pdf Export Search Mapping Clinical Notes to Medical Terminologies at Point of Care
[W08-0619]: Yefeng Wang | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search All-Topology, Semi-Abstract Syntactic Features for Text Categorization
[U08-1004]: Ari Chanen | Jon Patrick


Pdf Export Search Developing Feature Types for Classifying Clinical Notes
[W07-1027]: Jon Patrick | Yitao Zhang | Yefeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Measuring Correlation Between Linguist’s Judgments and Latent Dirichlet Allocation Topics
[U07-1005]: Ari Chanen | Jon Patrick


Pdf Export Search Automatic Mapping Clinical Notes to Medical Terminologies
[U06-1012]: Jon Patrick | Yefeng Wang | Peter Budd

Pdf Export Search Extracting Patient Clinical Profiles from Case Reports
[U06-1027]: Yitao Zhang | Jon Patrick


Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Utility of Appraisal Hierarchies as a Method for Sentiment Classification
[U05-1020]: Jeremy Fletcher | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search Paraphrase Identification by Text Canonicalization
[U05-1023]: Yitao Zhang | Jon Patrick


Pdf Export Search Complex, Corpus-Driven, Syntactic Features for Word Sense Disambiguation
[U04-1001]: Ari Chanen | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search Using WordNet Domains In A Supervised Learning Word Sense Disambiguation System
[U04-1003]: David Bell | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search Thin Parsing: A Balance between Wide Scale Parsing and Chunking
[U04-1006]: Jon Patrick | Pham Hong Nguyen

Pdf Export Search Selecting Systemic Features for Text Classification
[U04-1013]: Casey Whitelaw | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search Differentiating Types of Verb Particle Constructions
[U04-1022]: Jon Patrick | Jeremy Fletcher

Pdf Export Search Dependency based logical form transformations
[W04-0815]: Stephen Anthony | Jon Patrick


Pdf Export Search Meta-Learning Orthographic and Contextual Models for Language Independent Named Entity Recognition
[W03-0431]: Robert Munro | Daren Ler | Jon Patrick

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition Using a Character-based Probabilistic Approach
[W03-0432]: Casey Whitelaw | Jon Patrick


Pdf Export Search SLINERC: The Sydney Language-Independent Named Entity Recogniser and Classifier
[W02-2022]: Jon Patrick | Casey Whitelaw | Robert Munro


Pdf Export Search A Complexity Measure for Diachronic Chinese Phonology
[W97-1101]: Anand Raman | John Newman | Jon Patrick