Pdf Export Search Introducing NIEUW: Novel Incentives and Workflows for Eliciting Linguistic Data
[L18-1024]: Christopher Cieri | James Fiumara | Mark Liberman | Chris Callison-Burch | Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search From ‘Solved Problems’ to New Challenges: A Report on LDC Activities
[L18-1516]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman | Stephanie Strassel | Denise DiPersio | Jonathan Wright | Andrea Mazzucchi


Pdf Export Search From Light to Rich ERE: Annotation of Entities, Relations, and Events
[W15-0812]: Zhiyi Song | Ann Bies | Stephanie Strassel | Tom Riese | Justin Mott | Joe Ellis | Jonathan Wright | Seth Kulick | Neville Ryant | Xiaoyi Ma


Pdf Export Search RESTful Annotation and Efficient Collaboration
[L14-1012]: Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search Collecting Natural SMS and Chat Conversations in Multiple Languages: The BOLT Phase 2 Corpus
[L14-1071]: Zhiyi Song | Stephanie Strassel | Haejoong Lee | Kevin Walker | Jonathan Wright | Jennifer Garland | Dana Fore | Brian Gainor | Preston Cabe | Thomas Thomas | Brendan Callahan | Ann Sawyer

Pdf Export Search New Directions for Language Resource Development and Distribution
[L14-1154]: Christopher Cieri | Denise DiPersio | Mark Liberman | Andrea Mazzucchi | Stephanie Strassel | Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search The Language Application Grid
[L14-1706]: Nancy Ide | James Pustejovsky | Christopher Cieri | Eric Nyberg | Di Wang | Keith Suderman | Marc Verhagen | Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search Transliteration of Arabizi into Arabic Orthography: Developing a Parallel Annotated Arabizi-Arabic Script SMS/Chat Corpus
[W14-3612]: Ann Bies | Zhiyi Song | Mohamed Maamouri | Stephen Grimes | Haejoong Lee | Jonathan Wright | Stephanie Strassel | Nizar Habash | Ramy Eskander | Owen Rambow


Pdf Export Search Annotation Trees: LDC's customizable, extensible, scalable, annotation infrastructure
[L12-1385]: Jonathan Wright | Kira Griffitt | Joe Ellis | Stephanie Strassel | Brendan Callahan


Pdf Export Search Technical Infrastructure at Linguistic Data Consortium: Software and Hardware Resources for Linguistic Data Creation
[L10-1592]: Kazuaki Maeda | Haejoong Lee | Stephen Grimes | Jonathan Wright | Robert Parker | David Lee | Andrea Mazzucchi

Pdf Export Search The DARPA Machine Reading Program - Encouraging Linguistic and Reasoning Research with a Series of Reading Tasks
[L10-1595]: Stephanie Strassel | Dan Adams | Henry Goldberg | Jonathan Herr | Ron Keesing | Daniel Oblinger | Heather Simpson | Robert Schrag | Jonathan Wright