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Pdf Export Search Modeling Answering Strategies for the Polar Questions across Languages
[Y17-1001]: Jong-Bok Kim


Pdf Export Search Development of the Korean Resource Grammar: Towards Grammar Customization
[W10-3219]: Sanghoun Song | Jong-Bok Kim | Francis Bond | Jaehyung Yang

Pdf Export Search Word Order and NP Structure in Korean: A Constraint Based Approach
[Y10-1022]: Jong-Bok Kim | Nam-Guen Lee | Yae-shiek Lee

Pdf Export Search A Computational Treatment of Korean Serial Verb Constructions
[Y10-1050]: Jong-Bok Kim | Jaehyung Yang | Sanghoun Song


Pdf Export Search On the Syntax and Semantics of the Bound Noun Constructions: With a Computational Implementation
[Y07-1022]: Jong-Bok Kim | Jaehyung Yang


Pdf Export Search Deep Processing of Honorification Phenomena in a Typed Feature Structure Grammar
[I05-2017]: Jong-Bok Kim | Peter Sells | Jaehyung Yang


Pdf Export Search Capturing and Parsing the Mixed Properties of Light Verb Constructions in a Typed Feature Structure Grammar
[Y04-1009]: Jong-Bok Kim | Jaehyung Yang | Incheol Choi


Pdf Export Search Korean Phrase Structure Grammar and Its Implementations into the LKB System
[Y03-1010]: Jong-Bok Kim | Jaehyung Yang


Pdf Export Search Mismatches in Korean Copula Constructions and Linearization Effects
[Y02-1004]: Chan Chung | Jong-Bok Kim


Pdf Export Search Negation, VP Ellipsis, and VP Fronting in English : A Construction-HPSG Analysis
[Y01-1025]: Jong-Bok Kim


Pdf Export Search A Constraint-Based Approach to Some Multiple Nominative Constructions in Korean
[Y00-1017]: Jong-Bok Kim


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y96-1000]: Byung-Soo Park | Jong-Bok Kim

Pdf Export Search English Free Relative Clause Constructions : From a Constraint-Based Perspective
[Y96-1004]: Jong-Bok Kim | Byung-Soo Park