Pdf Export Search UWB at SemEval-2018 Task 10: Capturing Discriminative Attributes from Word Distributions
[S18-1153]: Tomáš Brychcín | Tomáš Hercig | Josef Steinberger | Michal Konkol


Pdf Export Search The First Cross-Lingual Challenge on Recognition, Normalization, and Matching of Named Entities in Slavic Languages
[W17-1412]: Jakub Piskorski | Lidia Pivovarova | Jan Šnajder | Josef Steinberger | Roman Yangarber

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Flames Detection in News Discussions
[R17-1089]: Josef Steinberger | Tomáš Brychcín | Tomáš Hercig | Peter Krejzl

Pdf Export Search Pyramid-based Summary Evaluation Using Abstract Meaning Representation
[R17-1090]: Josef Steinberger | Peter Krejzl | Tomáš Brychcín

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the MultiLing 2017 Workshop on Summarization and Summary Evaluation Across Source Types and Genres
[W17-1000]: George Giannakopoulos | Elena Lloret | John M. Conroy | Josef Steinberger | Marina Litvak | Peter Rankel | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search MultiLing 2017 Overview
[W17-1001]: George Giannakopoulos | John Conroy | Jeff Kubina | Peter A. Rankel | Elena Lloret | Josef Steinberger | Marina Litvak | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing
[W17-1400]: Tomaž Erjavec | Jakub Piskorski | Lidia Pivovarova | Jan Šnajder | Josef Steinberger | Roman Yangarber


Pdf Export Search MediaGist: A Cross-lingual Analyser of Aggregated News and Commentaries
[P16-4025]: Josef Steinberger

Pdf Export Search UWB at SemEval-2016 Task 6: Stance Detection
[S16-1066]: Peter Krejzl | Josef Steinberger


Pdf Export Search Towards Multilingual Event Extraction Evaluation: A Case Study for the Czech Language
[R15-1081]: Josef Steinberger | Hristo Tanev

Pdf Export Search MultiLing 2015: Multilingual Summarization of Single and Multi-Documents, On-line Fora, and Call-center Conversations
[W15-4638]: George Giannakopoulos | Jeff Kubina | John Conroy | Josef Steinberger | Benoit Favre | Mijail Kabadjov | Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio


Pdf Export Search UWB: Machine Learning Approach to Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
[S14-2145]: Tomáš Brychcín | Michal Konkol | Josef Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Aspect-Level Sentiment Analysis in Czech
[W14-2605]: Josef Steinberger | Tomáš Brychcín | Michal Konkol


Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis in Czech Social Media Using Supervised Machine Learning
[W13-1609]: Ivan Habernal | Tomáš Ptáček | Josef Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Semi-automatic Acquisition of Lexical Resources and Grammars for Event Extraction in Bulgarian and Czech
[W13-2416]: Hristo Tanev | Josef Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Multi-document multilingual summarization corpus preparation, Part 2: Czech, Hebrew and Spanish
[W13-3102]: Michael Elhadad | Sabino Miranda-Jiménez | Josef Steinberger | George Giannakopoulos

Pdf Export Search The UWB Summariser at Multiling-2013
[W13-3107]: Josef Steinberger


Pdf Export Search Machine Translation for Multilingual Summary Content Evaluation
[W12-2603]: Josef Steinberger | Marco Turchi


Pdf Export Search Creating Sentiment Dictionaries via Triangulation
[W11-1704]: Josef Steinberger | Polina Lenkova | Mohamed Ebrahim | Maud Ehrman | Ali Hurriyetoglu | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Hristo Tanev | Vanni Zavarella | Silvia Vazquez

Pdf Export Search Highly Multilingual Coreference Resolution Exploiting a Mature Entity Repository
[R11-1035]: Josef Steinberger | Jenya Belyaeva | Jonathan Crawley | Leonida Della-Rocca | Mohamed Ebrahim | Maud Ehrmann | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Erik Van-der-Goot

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Entity-Centered Sentiment Analysis Evaluated by Parallel Corpora
[R11-1113]: Josef Steinberger | Polina Lenkova | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Erik van der Goot


Pdf Export Search Wrapping up a Summary: From Representation to Generation
[P10-2070]: Josef Steinberger | Marco Turchi | Mijail Kabadjov | Ralf Steinberger | Nello Cristianini


Pdf Export Search Summarizing Opinions in Blog Threads
[Y09-2019]: Alexandra Balahur | Mijail Kabadjov | Josef Steinberger | Ralf Steinberger | Andrés Montoyo


Pdf Export Search Improving LSA-based Summarization with Anaphora Resolution
[H05-1001]: Josef Steinberger | Mijail Kabadjov | Massimo Poesio | Olivia Sanchez-Graillet