Pdf Export Search Transforming Dependency Structures to LTAG Derivation Trees
[W17-6212]: Caio Corro | Joseph Le Roux

Pdf Export Search Efficient Discontinuous Phrase-Structure Parsing via the Generalized Maximum Spanning Arborescence
[D17-1172]: Caio Corro | Joseph Le Roux | Mathieu Lacroix


Pdf Export Search Dependency Parsing with Bounded Block Degree and Well-nestedness via Lagrangian Relaxation and Branch-and-Bound
[P16-1034]: Caio Corro | Joseph Le Roux | Mathieu Lacroix | Antoine Rozenknop | Roberto Wolfler Calvo

Pdf Export Search Deep Lexical Segmentation and Syntactic Parsing in the Easy-First Dependency Framework
[N16-1127]: Matthieu Constant | Joseph Le Roux | Nadi Tomeh


Pdf Export Search Foreebank: Syntactic Analysis of Customer Support Forums
[D15-1157]: Rasoul Kaljahi | Jennifer Foster | Johann Roturier | Corentin Ribeyre | Teresa Lynn | Joseph Le Roux


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Parsing and Compound Recognition via Dual Decomposition: Application to French
[C14-1177]: Joseph Le Roux | Antoine Rozenknop | Matthieu Constant

Pdf Export Search LIPN: Introducing a new Geographical Context Similarity Measure and a Statistical Similarity Measure based on the Bhattacharyya coefficient
[S14-2069]: Davide Buscaldi | Jorge García Flores | Joseph Le Roux | Nadi Tomeh | Belém Priego Sanchez

Pdf Export Search A Pipeline Approach to Supervised Error Correction for the QALB-2014 Shared Task
[W14-3614]: Nadi Tomeh | Nizar Habash | Ramy Eskander | Joseph Le Roux


Pdf Export Search LIPN-CORE: Semantic Text Similarity using n-grams, WordNet, Syntactic Analysis, ESA and Information Retrieval based Features
[S13-1023]: Davide Buscaldi | Joseph Le Roux | Jorge J. Garcia Flores | Adrian Popescu

Pdf Export Search Combining PCFG-LA Models with Dual Decomposition: A Case Study with Function Labels and Binarization
[D13-1116]: Joseph Le Roux | Antoine Rozenknop | Jennifer Foster


Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised Dependency Parsing using Lexical Affinities
[P12-1082]: Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel | Alexis Nasr | Joseph Le Roux

Pdf Export Search Statistical Parsing of Spanish and Data Driven Lemmatization
[W12-3408]: Joseph Le Roux | Benoit Sagot | Djamé Seddah

Pdf Export Search Generative Constituent Parsing and Discriminative Dependency Reranking: Experiments on English and French
[W12-3412]: Joseph Le Roux | Benoit Favre | Alexis Nasr | Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel


Pdf Export Search MACAON An NLP Tool Suite for Processing Word Lattices
[P11-4015]: Alexis Nasr | Frederic Bechet | Jean-Francois Rey | Benoit Favre | Joseph Le Roux

Pdf Export Search From News to Comment: Resources and Benchmarks for Parsing the Language of Web 2.0
[I11-1100]: Jennifer Foster | Ozlem Cetinoglu | Joachim Wagner | Joseph Le Roux | Joakim Nivre | Deirdre Hogan | Josef van Genabith


Pdf Export Search Handling Unknown Words in Statistical Latent-Variable Parsing Models for Arabic, English and French
[W10-1408]: Mohammed Attia | Jennifer Foster | Deirdre Hogan | Joseph Le Roux | Lamia Tounsi | Josef van Genabith


Pdf Export Search Deductive Parsing in Interaction Grammars
[W09-3809]: Joseph Le Roux


Pdf Export Search Feature Unification in TAG Derivation Trees
[W08-2319]: Sylvain Schmitz | Joseph Le Roux

Pdf Export Search A Toolchain for Grammarians
[C08-3003]: Bruno Guillaume | Joseph Le Roux | Jonathan Marchand | Guy Perrier | Karën Fort | Jennifer Planul


Pdf Export Search A Constraint Driven Metagrammar
[W06-1502]: Joseph Le Roux | Benoît Crabbé | Yannick Parmentier