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Pdf Export Search Commonsense Justification for Action Explanation
[D18-1283]: Shaohua Yang | Qiaozi Gao | Sari Sadiya | Joyce Chai

Pdf Export Search Presentation What Action Causes This? Towards Naive Physical Action-Effect Prediction
[P18-1086]: Qiaozi Gao | Shaohua Yang | Joyce Chai | Lucy Vanderwende


Pdf Export Search Interactive Learning of Grounded Verb Semantics towards Human-Robot Communication
[P17-1150]: Lanbo She | Joyce Chai


Pdf Export Search Jointly Learning Grounded Task Structures from Language Instruction and Visual Demonstration
[D16-1155]: Changsong Liu | Shaohua Yang | Sari Saba-Sadiya | Nishant Shukla | Yunzhong He | Song-chun Zhu | Joyce Chai

Pdf Export Search Incremental Acquisition of Verb Hypothesis Space towards Physical World Interaction
[P16-1011]: Lanbo She | Joyce Chai

Pdf Export Search Physical Causality of Action Verbs in Grounded Language Understanding
[P16-1171]: Qiaozi Gao | Malcolm Doering | Shaohua Yang | Joyce Chai


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2015 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies
[N15-1000]: Rada Mihalcea | Joyce Chai | Anoop Sarkar


Pdf Export Search Back to the Blocks World: Learning New Actions through Situated Human-Robot Dialogue
[W14-4313]: Lanbo She | Shaohua Yang | Yu Cheng | Yunyi Jia | Joyce Chai | Ning Xi


Pdf Export Search Modeling Collaborative Referring for Situated Referential Grounding
[W13-4010]: Changsong Liu | Rui Fang | Lanbo She | Joyce Chai


Pdf Export Search Autonomous Self-Assessment of Autocorrections: Exploring Text Message Dialogues
[N12-1089]: Tyler Baldwin | Joyce Chai

Pdf Export Search Towards Mediating Shared Perceptual Basis in Situated Dialogue
[W12-1621]: Changsong Liu | Rui Fang | Joyce Chai


Pdf Export Search A Joint Model of Implicit Arguments for Nominal Predicates
[W11-0909]: Matthew Gerber | Joyce Chai | Robert Bart

Pdf Export Search Beyond Normalization: Pragmatics of Word Form in Text Messages
[I11-1169]: Tyler Baldwin | Joyce Chai


Pdf Export Search Beyond NomBank: A Study of Implicit Arguments for Nominal Predicates
[P10-1160]: Matthew Gerber | Joyce Chai

Pdf Export Search Hand Gestures in Disambiguating Types of You Expressions in Multiparty Meetings
[W10-4357]: Tyler Baldwin | Joyce Chai | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Towards Conversation Entailment: An Empirical Investigation
[D10-1074]: Chen Zhang | Joyce Chai


Pdf Export Search The Role of Implicit Argumentation in Nominal SRL
[N09-1017]: Matthew Gerber | Joyce Chai | Adam Meyers

Pdf Export Search The Role of Interactivity in Human-Machine Conversation for Automatic Word Acquisition
[W09-3928]: Shaolin Qu | Joyce Chai

Pdf Export Search What do We Know about Conversation Participants: Experiments on Conversation Entailment
[W09-3930]: Chen Zhang | Joyce Chai


Pdf Export Search Incorporating Temporal and Semantic Information with Eye Gaze for Automatic Word Acquisition in Multimodal Conversational Systems
[D08-1026]: Shaolin Qu | Joyce Chai


Pdf Export Search An Exploration of Eye Gaze in Spoken Language Processing for Multimodal Conversational Interfaces
[N07-1036]: Shaolin Qu | Joyce Chai

Pdf Export Search Automated Vocabulary Acquisition and Interpretation in Multimodal Conversational Systems
[P07-1047]: Yi Liu | Joyce Chai | Rong Jin


Pdf Export Search Dynamic User Level and Utility Measurement for Adaptive Dialog in a Help-Desk System
[W00-1011]: Preetam Maloor | Joyce Chai