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Pdf Export Search Challenges in Speech Recognition and Translation of High-Value Low-Density Polysynthetic Languages
[W18-1921]: Judith Klavans | John Morgan | Stephen LaRocca | Jeffrey Micher | Clare Voss


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the First Workshop on Language Technologies for African Languages
[W09-0700]: Lori Levin | John Kiango | Judith Klavans | Guy De Pauw | Gilles-Maurice de Schryver | Peter Waiganjo Wagacha


Pdf Export Search Relation between Agreement Measures on Human Labeling and Machine Learning Performance: Results from an Art History Domain
[L08-1167]: Rebecca Passonneau | Tom Lippincott | Tae Yano | Judith Klavans


Pdf Export Search Concept Disambiguation for Improved Subject Access Using Multiple Knowledge Sources
[W07-0904]: Tandeep Sidhu | Judith Klavans | Jimmy Lin

Pdf Export Search Measuring Variability in Sentence Ordering for News Summarization
[W07-2312]: Nitin Madnani | Rebecca Passonneau | Necip Fazil Ayan | John Conroy | Bonnie Dorr | Judith Klavans | Dianne O'Leary | Judith Schlesinger


Pdf Export Search Columbia's Newsblaster: New Features and Future Directions
[N03-4008]: Kathleen McKeown | Regina Barzilay | John Chen | David Elson | David Evans | Judith Klavans | Ani Nenkova | Barry Schiffman | Sergey Sigelman


Pdf Export Search A Method for Automatically Building and Evaluating Dictionary Resources.
[L02-1148]: Smaranda Muresan | Judith Klavans


Pdf Export Search Role of Verbs in Document Analysis
[C98-1108]: Judith Klavans | Min-Yen Kan


Pdf Export Search The BICORD System Combining Lexical Information from Bilingual Corpora and Machine Readable Dictionaries
[C90-3031]: Judith Klavans | Evelyne Tzoukermann