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Pdf Export Search Data Anonymization for Requirements Quality Analysis: a Reproducible Automatic Error Detection Task
[L18-1702]: Juyeon Kang | Jungyeul Park


Pdf Export Search Building a Better Bitext for Structurally Different Languages through Self-training
[W17-5601]: Jungyeul Park | Loic Dugast | Jeen-Pyo Hong | Chang-Uk Shin | Jeong-Won Cha

Pdf Export Search Segmentation Granularity in Dependency Representations for Korean
[W17-6522]: Jungyeul Park

Pdf Export Search Corpus Selection Approaches for Multilingual Parsing from Raw Text to Universal Dependencies
[K17-3021]: Ryan Hornby | Clark Taylor | Jungyeul Park


Pdf Export Search Korean Language Resources for Everyone
[Y16-2002]: Jungyeul Park | Jeen-Pyo Hong | Jeong-Won Cha

Pdf Export Search Generating a Linguistic Model for Requirement Quality Analysis
[Y16-3016]: Juyeon Kang | Jungyeul Park


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Corpus Construction using Wikipedia and DBpedia Ontology
[L14-1540]: Younggyun Hahm | Jungyeul Park | Kyungtae Lim | Youngsik Kim | Dosam Hwang | Key-Sun Choi


Pdf Export Search Using the International Standard Language Resource Number: Practical and Technical Aspects
[L12-1501]: Khalid Choukri | Victoria Arranz | Olivier Hamon | Jungyeul Park

Pdf Export Search Korean Treebank Transformation for Parser Training
[W12-3411]: DongHyun Choi | Jungyeul Park | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search Korean NLP2RDF Resources
[W12-5201]: YoungGyun Hahm | KyungTae Lim | Jungyeul Park | Yongun Yoon | Key-Sun Choi


Pdf Export Search Proposal for the International Standard Language Resource Number
[W11-3310]: Khalid Choukri | Jungyeul Park | Olivier Hamon | Victoria Arranz


Pdf Export Search Conceptual Structure of Automatically Extracted Multi-Word Terms from Domain Specific Corpora: a Case Study for Italian
[W10-3408]: Elisa Lavagnino | Jungyeul Park

Pdf Export Search UNPMC: Naive Approach to Extract Keyphrases from Scientific Articles
[S10-1038]: Jungyeul Park | Jong Gun Lee | Béatrice Daille


Pdf Export Search Extracting Syntactic Features from a Korean Treebank
[W06-1519]: Jungyeul Park

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Tree Adjoining Grammars from a Treebank for Korean
[P06-3013]: Jungyeul Park