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Pdf Export Search Modeling Composite Labels for Neural Morphological Tagging
[K18-1036]: Alexander Tkachenko | Kairit Sirts


Pdf Export Search Linear Ensembles of Word Embedding Models
[W17-0212]: Avo Muromägi | Kairit Sirts | Sven Laur

Pdf Export Search Idea density for predicting Alzheimer’s disease from transcribed speech
[K17-1033]: Kairit Sirts | Olivier Piguet | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study of Minimally Supervised Morphological Segmentation
[J16-1003]: Teemu Ruokolainen | Oskar Kohonen | Kairit Sirts | Stig-Arne Grönroos | Mikko Kurimo | Sami Virpioja

Pdf Export Search STransE: a novel embedding model of entities and relationships in knowledge bases
[N16-1054]: Dat Quoc Nguyen | Kairit Sirts | Lizhen Qu | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Neighborhood Mixture Model for Knowledge Base Completion
[K16-1005]: Dat Quoc Nguyen | Kairit Sirts | Lizhen Qu | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search Query-Based Single Document Summarization Using an Ensemble Noisy Auto-Encoder
[U15-1001]: Mahmood Yousefi Azar | Kairit Sirts | Diego Mollá Aliod | Len Hamey

Pdf Export Search Do POS Tags Help to Learn Better Morphological Segmentations?
[U15-1011]: Kairit Sirts | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Improving Topic Coherence with Latent Feature Word Representations in MAP Estimation for Topic Modeling
[U15-1014]: Dat Quoc Nguyen | Kairit Sirts | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search POS induction with distributional and morphological information using a distance-dependent Chinese restaurant process
[P14-2044]: Kairit Sirts | Jacob Eisenstein | Micha Elsner | Sharon Goldwater


Pdf Export Search Minimally-Supervised Morphological Segmentation using Adaptor Grammars
[Q13-1021]: Kairit Sirts | Sharon Goldwater


Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Model for Joint Part-of-Speech and Morphology Induction
[N12-1045]: Kairit Sirts | Tanel Alumäe