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Pdf Export Search Rumor Detection on Twitter with Tree-structured Recursive Neural Networks
[P18-1184]: Jing Ma | Wei Gao | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Deep Dyna-Q: Integrating Planning for Task-Completion Dialogue Policy Learning
[P18-1203]: Baolin Peng | Xiujun Li | Jianfeng Gao | Jingjing Liu | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Task-oriented Dialogue System for Automatic Diagnosis
[P18-2033]: Zhongyu Wei | Qianlong Liu | Baolin Peng | Huaixiao Tou | Ting Chen | Xuanjing Huang | Kam-Fai Wong | Xiangying Dai

Pdf Export Search Microblog Conversation Recommendation via Joint Modeling of Topics and Discourse
[N18-1035]: Xingshan Zeng | Jing Li | Lu Wang | Nicholas Beauchamp | Sarah Shugars | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search IJCNLP-2017 Task 2: Dimensional Sentiment Analysis for Chinese Phrases
[I17-4002]: Liang-Chih Yu | Lung-Hao Lee | Jin Wang | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Presentation Detect Rumors in Microblog Posts Using Propagation Structure via Kernel Learning
[P17-1066]: Jing Ma | Wei Gao | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search May I take your order? A Neural Model for Extracting Structured Information from Conversations
[E17-1043]: Baolin Peng | Michael Seltzer | Y.C. Ju | Geoffrey Zweig | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search NLPTEA 2017 Shared Task – Chinese Spelling Check
[W17-5905]: Gabriel Fung | Maxime Debosschere | Dingmin Wang | Bo Li | Jia Zhu | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Attachment Composite Task-Completion Dialogue Policy Learning via Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning
[D17-1237]: Baolin Peng | Xiujun Li | Lihong Li | Jianfeng Gao | Asli Celikyilmaz | Sungjin Lee | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search Topic Extraction from Microblog Posts Using Conversation Structures
[P16-1199]: Jing Li | Ming Liao | Wei Gao | Yulan He | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on Asian Language Resources (ALR12)
[W16-5400]: Koiti Hasida | Kam-Fai Wong | Nicoletta Calzorari | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search ACE: Automatic Colloquialism, Typographical and Orthographic Errors Detection for Chinese Language
[C16-2041]: Shichao Dong | Gabriel Pui Cheong Fung | Binyang Li | Baolin Peng | Ming Liao | Jia Zhu | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search Using Content-level Structures for Summarizing Microblog Repost Trees
[D15-1259]: Jing Li | Wei Gao | Zhongyu Wei | Baolin Peng | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Community Emotion for Microblog Event Detection
[D14-1123]: Gaoyan Ou | Wei Chen | Tengjiao Wang | Zhongyu Wei | Binyang LI | Dongqing Yang | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search The CUHK Discourse TreeBank for Chinese: Annotating Explicit Discourse Connectives for the Chinese TreeBank
[L14-1246]: Lanjun Zhou | Binyang Li | Zhongyu Wei | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search Is Twitter A Better Corpus for Measuring Sentiment Similarity?
[D13-1091]: Shi Feng | Le Zhang | Binyang Li | Daling Wang | Ge Yu | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study on Uncertainty Identification in Social Media Context
[P13-2011]: Zhongyu Wei | Junwen Chen | Wei Gao | Binyang Li | Lanjun Zhou | Yulan He | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search Quantising Opinions for Political Tweets Analysis
[L12-1073]: Yulan He | Hassan Saif | Zhongyu Wei | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Information-theoretic Multi-view Domain Adaptation
[P12-2053]: Pei Yang | Wei Gao | Qi Tan | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Identification of Ambiguous Discourse Connectives for Resource-Poor Language
[C12-2138]: Lanjun Zhou | Wei Gao | Binyang Li | Zhongyu Wei | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Discovery of Discourse Relations for Eliminating Intra-sentence Polarity Ambiguities
[D11-1015]: Lanjun Zhou | Binyang Li | Wei Gao | Zhongyu Wei | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Query Weighting for Ranking Model Adaptation
[P11-1012]: Peng Cai | Wei Gao | Aoying Zhou | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search A Unified Graph Model for Sentence-Based Opinion Retrieval
[P10-1139]: Binyang Li | Lanjun Zhou | Shi Feng | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Bilingual Information to Improve Web Search
[P09-1121]: Wei Gao | John Blitzer | Ming Zhou | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search Extractive Summarization Using Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning
[C08-1124]: Kam-Fai Wong | Mingli Wu | Wenjie Li

Pdf Export Search Opinion Annotation in On-line Chinese Product Reviews
[L08-1617]: Ruifeng Xu | Yunqing Xia | Kam-Fai Wong | Wenjie Li

Pdf Export Search Lyric-based Song Sentiment Classification with Sentiment Vector Space Model
[P08-2034]: Yunqing Xia | Linlin Wang | Kam-Fai Wong | Mingxing Xu


Pdf Export Search Annotating Chinese Collocations with Multi Information
[W07-1511]: Ruifeng Xu | Qin Lu | Kam-Fai Wong | Wenjie Li


Pdf Export Search A Phonetic-Based Approach to Chinese Chat Text Normalization
[P06-1125]: Yunqing Xia | Kam-Fai Wong | Wenjie Li

Pdf Export Search Anomaly Detecting within Dynamic Chinese Chat Text
[W06-2808]: Yunqing Xia | Kam-Fai Wong


Pdf Export Search A Preliminary Work on Classifying Time Granularities of Temporal Questions
[I05-1037]: Wei Li | Wenjie Li | Qin Lu | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search NIL Is Not Nothing: Recognition of Chinese Network Informal Language Expressions
[I05-3013]: Yunqing Xia | Kam-Fai Wong | Wei Gao


Pdf Export Search Combining Linguistic Features with Weighted Bayesian Classifier for Temporal Reference Processing
[C04-1101]: Guihong Cao | Wenjie Li | Kam-Fai Wong | Chunfa Yuan

Pdf Export Search Applying Machine Learning to Chinese Temporal Relation Resolution
[P04-1074]: Wenjie Li | Kam-Fai Wong | Guihong Cao | Chunfa Yuan


Pdf Export Search Improving Document Clustering by Utilizing Meta-Data
[W03-1114]: Kam-Fai Wong | Nam-Kiu Chan | Kam-Lai Wong


Pdf Export Search A Model For Processing Temporal References In Chinese
[W01-1305]: Wenjie Li | Kam-Fai Wong | Chunfa Yuan


Pdf Export Search Are Statistics-Based Approaches Good Enough For NLP? A Case Study Of Maximal-Length NP Extraction In Mandarin Chinese
[O95-1006]: Wenjie Li | Haihua Pan | Ming Zhou | Kam-Fai Wong | Vincent Lum