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Pdf Export Search The Alexa Meaning Representation Language
[N18-3022]: Thomas Kollar | Danielle Berry | Lauren Stuart | Karolina Owczarzak | Tagyoung Chung | Lambert Mathias | Michael Kayser | Bradford Snow | Spyros Matsoukas


Pdf Export Search Wordsyoudontknow: Evaluation of lexicon-based decompounding with unknown handling
[W14-5707]: Karolina Owczarzak | Ferdinand de Haan | George Krupka | Don Hindle


Pdf Export Search Assessing the Effect of Inconsistent Assessors on Summarization Evaluation
[P12-2070]: Karolina Owczarzak | Peter A. Rankel | Hoa Trang Dang | John M. Conroy

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of Workshop on Evaluation Metrics and System Comparison for Automatic Summarization
[W12-2600]: John M. Conroy | Hoa Trang Dang | Ani Nenkova | Karolina Owczarzak

Pdf Export Search An Assessment of the Accuracy of Automatic Evaluation in Summarization
[W12-2601]: Karolina Owczarzak | John M. Conroy | Hoa Trang Dang | Ani Nenkova


Pdf Export Search Who wrote What Where: Analyzing the content of human and automatic summaries
[W11-0504]: Karolina Owczarzak | Hoa Dang


Pdf Export Search DEPEVAL(summ): Dependency-based Evaluation for Automatic Summaries
[P09-1022]: Karolina Owczarzak


Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based Automatic Evaluation for Machine Translation
[W07-0411]: Karolina Owczarzak | Josef van Genabith | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search Labelled Dependencies in Machine Translation Evaluation
[W07-0714]: Karolina Owczarzak | Josef van Genabith | Andy Way


Pdf Export Search Contextual Bitext-Derived Paraphrases in Automatic MT Evaluation
[W06-3112]: Karolina Owczarzak | Declan Groves | Josef Van Genabith | Andy Way