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Pdf Export Search Predictive Embeddings for Hate Speech Detection on Twitter
[W18-5104]: Rohan Kshirsagar | Tyrus Cukuvac | Kathy McKeown | Susan McGregor

Pdf Export Search Attachment Detecting Gang-Involved Escalation on Social Media Using Context
[D18-1005]: Serina Chang | Ruiqi Zhong | Ethan Adams | Fei-Tzin Lee | Siddharth Varia | Desmond Patton | William Frey | Chris Kedzie | Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search SMARTies: Sentiment Models for Arabic Target entities
[E17-1094]: Noura Farra | Kathy McKeown

Pdf Export Search Crowd-Sourced Iterative Annotation for Narrative Summarization Corpora
[E17-2008]: Jessica Ouyang | Serina Chang | Kathy McKeown

Pdf Export Search Analyzing the Semantic Types of Claims and Premises in an Online Persuasive Forum
[W17-5102]: Christopher Hidey | Elena Musi | Alyssa Hwang | Smaranda Muresan | Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search Dataset Software Identifying Causal Relations Using Parallel Wikipedia Articles
[P16-1135]: Christopher Hidey | Kathy McKeown

Pdf Export Search Social Proof: The Impact of Author Traits on Influence Detection
[W16-5604]: Sara Rosenthal | Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search Annotating Targets of Opinions in Arabic using Crowdsourcing
[W15-3210]: Noura Farra | Kathy McKeown | Nizar Habash

Pdf Export Search I Couldn’t Agree More: The Role of Conversational Structure in Agreement and Disagreement Detection in Online Discussions
[W15-4625]: Sara Rosenthal | Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search Columbia NLP: Sentiment Detection of Sentences and Subjective Phrases in Social Media
[S14-2031]: Sara Rosenthal | Kathy McKeown | Apoorv Agarwal

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Detection of Narrative Structure
[L14-1108]: Jessica Ouyang | Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search Columbia NLP: Sentiment Detection of Subjective Phrases in Social Media
[S13-2079]: Sara Rosenthal | Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search Where’s the Verb? Correcting Machine Translation During Question Answering
[P09-2084]: Wei-Yun Ma | Kathy McKeown

Pdf Export Search Query-focused Summarization Using Text-to-Text Generation: When Information Comes from Multilingual Sources
[W09-2802]: Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search Text Summarization: News and Beyond
[U05-1002]: Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search Generating Overview Summaries of Ongoing Email Thread Discussions
[C04-1079]: Stephen Wan | Kathy McKeown


Pdf Export Search Integrating a Large-Scale, Reusable Lexicon with a Natural Language Generator
[W00-1428]: Hongyan Jing | Yael Dahan | Michael Elhadad | Kathy McKeown