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Pdf Export Search Context Models for OOV Word Translation in Low-Resource Languages
[W18-1806]: Angli Liu | Katrin Kirchhoff


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Resolution of Acronyms and Abbreviations in Nursing Notes Using Document-Level Context Models
[W16-6107]: Katrin Kirchhoff | Anne M. Turner


Pdf Export Search Morphological Modeling for Machine Translation of English-Iraqi Arabic Spoken Dialogs
[N15-1102]: Katrin Kirchhoff | Yik-Cheung Tam | Colleen Richey | Wen Wang


Pdf Export Search Submodularity for Data Selection in Machine Translation
[D14-1014]: Katrin Kirchhoff | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2013 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies
[N13-1000]: Lucy Vanderwende | Hal Daumé III | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Using Document Summarization Techniques for Speech Data Subset Selection
[N13-1086]: Kai Wei | Yuzong Liu | Katrin Kirchhoff | Jeff Bilmes


Pdf Export Search Contextual Modeling for Meeting Translation Using Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation
[C10-1138]: Mei Yang | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Hand Gestures in Disambiguating Types of You Expressions in Multiparty Meetings
[W10-4357]: Tyler Baldwin | Joyce Chai | Katrin Kirchhoff


Pdf Export Search Graph-based Learning for Statistical Machine Translation
[N09-1014]: Andrei Alexandrescu | Katrin Kirchhoff


Pdf Export Search The University of Washington Machine Translation System for ACL WMT 2008
[W08-0314]: Amittai Axelrod | Mei Yang | Kevin Duh | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Beyond Log-Linear Models: Boosted Minimum Error Rate Training for N-best Re-ranking
[P08-2010]: Kevin Duh | Katrin Kirchhoff


Pdf Export Search Data-Driven Graph Construction for Semi-Supervised Graph-Based Learning in NLP
[N07-1026]: Andrei Alexandrescu | Katrin Kirchhoff


Pdf Export Search Factored Neural Language Models
[N06-2001]: Andrei Alexandrescu | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Phrase-Based Backoff Models for Machine Translation of Highly Inflected Languages
[E06-1006]: Mei Yang | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Lexicon Acquisition for Dialectal Arabic Using Transductive Learning
[W06-1647]: Kevin Duh | Katrin Kirchhoff


Pdf Export Search POS Tagging of Dialectal Arabic: A Minimally Supervised Approach
[W05-0708]: Kevin Duh | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Improved Language Modeling for Statistical Machine Translation
[W05-0821]: Katrin Kirchhoff | Mei Yang

Pdf Export Search The Vocal Joystick: A Voice-Based Human-Computer Interface for Individuals with Motor Impairments
[H05-1125]: Jeff A. Bilmes | Xiao Li | Jonathan Malkin | Kelley Kilanski | Richard Wright | Katrin Kirchhoff | Amar Subramanya | Susumu Harada | James Landay | Patricia Dowden | Howard Chizeck


Pdf Export Search Automatic Learning of Language Model Structure
[C04-1022]: Kevin Duh | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Automatic Diacritization of Arabic for Acoustic Modeling in Speech Recognition
[W04-1612]: Dimitra Vergyri | Katrin Kirchhoff


Pdf Export Search Factored Language Models and Generalized Parallel Backoff
[N03-2002]: Jeff A. Bilmes | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Directions For Multi-Party Human-Computer Interaction Research
[W03-0703]: Katrin Kirchhoff | Mari Ostendorf