Pdf Export Search Assessment of an Index for Measuring Pronunciation Difficulty
[W18-3717]: Katsunori Kotani | Takehiko Yoshimi


Pdf Export Search Effectiveness of Linguistic and Learner Features to Listenability Measurement Using a Decision Tree Classifier
[W16-4902]: Katsunori Kotani | Takehiko Yoshimi


Pdf Export Search Application of a Corpus to Identify Gaps between English Learners and Native Speakers
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Pdf Export Search Design of a Learner Corpus for Listening and Speaking Performance
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Pdf Export Search A Listenability Measuring Method for an Adaptive Computer-assisted Language Learningand Teaching System
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Pdf Export Search Compiling Learner Corpus Data of Linguistic Output and Language Processing in Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading
[I11-1165]: Katsunori Kotani | Takehiko Yoshimi | Hiroaki Nanjo | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Automatic Error Analysis Based on Grammatical Questions
[Y11-1022]: Tomoki Nagase | Hajime Tsukada | Katsunori Kotani | Nobutoshi Hatanaka | Yoshiyuki Sakamoto


Pdf Export Search Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation Based on Rate of Accomplishment of Sub-Goals
[N07-1005]: Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Katsunori Kotani | Yujie Zhang | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Japanese Expressions that Include English Expressions
[Y07-1034]: Masaki Murata | Toshiyuki Kanamaru | Koichiro Nakamoto | Katsunori Kotani | Hitoshi Isahara


Pdf Export Search Toward a Unified Evaluation Method for Multiple Reading Support Systems: A Reading Speed-based Procedure
[I05-2042]: Katsunori Kotani | Takehiko Yoshimi | Takeshi Kutsumi | Ichiko Sata | Hitoshi Isahara


Pdf Export Search Integrated Use of Internal and External Evidence in the Alignment of Multi-Word Named Entities
[Y04-1019]: Takeshi Kutsumi | Takehiko Yoshimi | Katsunori Kotani | Ichiko Sata | Hitoshi Isahara