Pdf Export Search Enriching Word Alignment with Linguistic Tags
[L10-1458]: Xuansong Li | Niyu Ge | Stephen Grimes | Stephanie M. Strassel | Kazuaki Maeda

Pdf Export Search Enhanced Infrastructure for Creation and Collection of Translation Resources
[L10-1549]: Zhiyi Song | Stephanie Strassel | Gary Krug | Kazuaki Maeda

Pdf Export Search Transcription Methods for Consistency, Volume and Efficiency
[L10-1587]: Meghan Lammie Glenn | Stephanie M. Strassel | Haejoong Lee | Kazuaki Maeda | Ramez Zakhary | Xuansong Li

Pdf Export Search Technical Infrastructure at Linguistic Data Consortium: Software and Hardware Resources for Linguistic Data Creation
[L10-1592]: Kazuaki Maeda | Haejoong Lee | Stephen Grimes | Jonathan Wright | Robert Parker | David Lee | Andrea Mazzucchi


Pdf Export Search Basic Language Resources for Diverse Asian Languages: A Streamlined Approach for Resource Creation
[W09-3408]: Heather Simpson | Kazuaki Maeda | Christopher Cieri


Pdf Export Search Linguistic Resources and Evaluation Techniques for Evaluation of Cross-Document Automatic Content Extraction
[L08-1390]: Stephanie Strassel | Mark Przybocki | Kay Peterson | Zhiyi Song | Kazuaki Maeda

Pdf Export Search Annotation Tool Development for Large-Scale Corpus Creation Projects at the Linguistic Data Consortium
[L08-1465]: Kazuaki Maeda | Haejoong Lee | Shawn Medero | Julie Medero | Robert Parker | Stephanie Strassel

Pdf Export Search Creating Sentence-Aligned Parallel Text Corpora from a Large Archive of Potential Parallel Text using BITS and Champollion
[L08-1582]: Kazuaki Maeda | Xiaoyi Ma | Stephanie Strassel


Pdf Export Search Annotation Tools for Large-Scale Corpus Development: Using AGTK at the Linguistic Data Consortium
[L04-1495]: Kazuaki Maeda | Stephanie Strassel


Pdf Export Search Models and Tools for Collaborative Annotation
[L02-1141]: Xiaoyi Ma | Haejoong Lee | Steven Bird | Kazuaki Maeda

Pdf Export Search TableTrans, MultiTrans, InterTrans and TreeTrans: Diverse Tools Built on the Annotation Graph Toolkit.
[L02-1285]: Steven Bird | Kazuaki Maeda | Xiaoyi Ma | Haejoong Lee | Beth Randall | Salim Zayat