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Pdf Export Search A Report on the 2017 Native Language Identification Shared Task
[W17-5007]: Shervin Malmasi | Keelan Evanini | Aoife Cahill | Joel Tetreault | Robert Pugh | Christopher Hamill | Diane Napolitano | Yao Qian

Pdf Export Search Discourse Annotation of Non-native Spontaneous Spoken Responses Using the Rhetorical Structure Theory Framework
[P17-2041]: Xinhao Wang | James Bruno | Hillary Molloy | Keelan Evanini | Klaus Zechner


Pdf Export Search Automated Speech Recognition Technology for Dialogue Interaction with Non-Native Interlocutors
[W15-4617]: Alexei V. Ivanov | Vikram Ramanarayanan | David Suendermann-Oeft | Melissa Lopez | Keelan Evanini | Jidong Tao

Pdf Export Search A distributed cloud-based dialog system for conversational application development
[W15-4658]: Vikram Ramanarayanan | David Suendermann-Oeft | Alexei V. Ivanov | Keelan Evanini


Pdf Export Search Automatic detection of plagiarized spoken responses
[W14-1803]: Keelan Evanini | Xinhao Wang

Pdf Export Search Automated scoring of speaking items in an assessment for teachers of English as a Foreign Language
[W14-1816]: Klaus Zechner | Keelan Evanini | Su-Youn Yoon | Lawrence Davis | Xinhao Wang | Lei Chen | Chong Min Lee | Chee Wee Leong


Pdf Export Search Prompt-based Content Scoring for Automated Spoken Language Assessment
[W13-1721]: Keelan Evanini | Shasha Xie | Klaus Zechner

Pdf Export Search Coherence Modeling for the Automated Assessment of Spontaneous Spoken Responses
[N13-1101]: Xinhao Wang | Keelan Evanini | Klaus Zechner


Pdf Export Search Exploring Content Features for Automated Speech Scoring
[N12-1011]: Shasha Xie | Keelan Evanini | Klaus Zechner


Pdf Export Search Non-scorable Response Detection for Automated Speaking Proficiency Assessment
[W11-1419]: Su-Youn Yoon | Keelan Evanini | Klaus Zechner


Pdf Export Search Using Amazon Mechanical Turk for Transcription of Non-Native Speech
[W10-0708]: Keelan Evanini | Derrick Higgins | Klaus Zechner