Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual projection for class-based language models
[P16-2014]: Beat Gfeller | Vlad Schogol | Keith Hall


Pdf Export Search Projecting the Knowledge Graph to Syntactic Parsing
[E14-4006]: Andrea Gesmundo | Keith Hall


Pdf Export Search Russian Stress Prediction using Maximum Entropy Ranking
[D13-1088]: Keith Hall | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Universal Dependency Annotation for Multilingual Parsing
[P13-2017]: Ryan McDonald | Joakim Nivre | Yvonne Quirmbach-Brundage | Yoav Goldberg | Dipanjan Das | Kuzman Ganchev | Keith Hall | Slav Petrov | Hao Zhang | Oscar Täckström | Claudia Bedini | Núria Bertomeu Castelló | Jungmee Lee

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Tutorials)
[P13-5000]: Johan Bos | Keith Hall


Pdf Export Search Using Search-Logs to Improve Query Tagging
[P12-2047]: Kuzman Ganchev | Keith Hall | Ryan McDonald | Slav Petrov


Pdf Export Search Multi-Source Transfer of Delexicalized Dependency Parsers
[D11-1006]: Ryan McDonald | Slav Petrov | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search Training dependency parsers by jointly optimizing multiple objectives
[D11-1138]: Keith Hall | Ryan McDonald | Jason Katz-Brown | Michael Ringgaard

Pdf Export Search Beam-Width Prediction for Efficient Context-Free Parsing
[P11-1045]: Nathan Bodenstab | Aaron Dunlop | Keith Hall | Brian Roark


Pdf Export Search Instance Sense Induction from Attribute Sets
[C10-2094]: Ricardo Martin-Brualla | Enrique Alfonseca | Marius Pasca | Keith Hall | Enrique Robledo-Arnuncio | Massimiliano Ciaramita

Pdf Export Search Distributed Training Strategies for the Structured Perceptron
[N10-1069]: Ryan McDonald | Keith Hall | Gideon Mann

Pdf Export Search Learning Dense Models of Query Similarity from User Click Logs
[N10-1071]: Fabio De Bona | Stefan Riezler | Keith Hall | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Amaç Herdağdelen | Maria Holmqvist


Pdf Export Search A Study on Similarity and Relatedness Using Distributional and WordNet-based Approaches
[N09-1003]: Eneko Agirre | Enrique Alfonseca | Keith Hall | Jana Kravalova | Marius Pasca | Aitor Soroa

Pdf Export Search Large-scale Computation of Distributional Similarities for Queries
[N09-2008]: Enrique Alfonseca | Keith Hall | Silvana Hartmann

Pdf Export Search Large-scale Semantic Networks: Annotation and Evaluation
[W09-2406]: Vaclav Novak | Sven Hartrumpf | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search Integrating sentence- and word-level error identification for disfluency correction
[D09-1080]: Erin Fitzgerald | Frederick Jelinek | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search Gazpacho and summer rash: lexical relationships from temporal patterns of web search queries
[D09-1109]: Enrique Alfonseca | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search Reconstructing False Start Errors in Spontaneous Speech Text
[E09-1030]: Erin Fitzgerald | Keith Hall | Frederick Jelinek


Pdf Export Search Inter-sentential Coreferences in Semantic Networks: An Evaluation of Manual Annotation
[L08-1360]: Václav Novák | Keith Hall


Pdf Export Search Generation in Machine Translation from Deep Syntactic Trees
[W07-0408]: Keith Hall | Petr Němec

Pdf Export Search Comparing Reordering Constraints for SMT Using Efficient BLEU Oracle Computation
[W07-0414]: Markus Dreyer | Keith Hall | Sanjeev Khudanpur

Pdf Export Search Log-Linear Models of Non-Projective Trees, $k$-best MST Parsing and Tree-Ranking
[D07-1102]: Keith Hall | Jiri Havelka | David A. Smith

Pdf Export Search K-best Spanning Tree Parsing
[P07-1050]: Keith Hall


Pdf Export Search Corrective Models for Speech Recognition of Inflected Languages
[W06-1646]: Izhak Shafran | Keith Hall


Pdf Export Search Corrective Modeling for Non-Projective Dependency Parsing
[W05-1505]: Keith Hall | Václav Novák