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Pdf Export Search Bridging the LAPPS Grid and CLARIN
[L18-1206]: Erhard Hinrichs | Nancy Ide | James Pustejovsky | Jan Hajic | Marie Hinrichs | Mohammad Fazleh Elahi | Keith Suderman | Marc Verhagen | Kyeongmin Rim | Pavel Stranak | Jozef Misutka

Pdf Export Search Mining Biomedical Publications With The LAPPS Grid
[L18-1327]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman | Jin-Dong Kim


Pdf Export Search Representation and Interchange of Linguistic Annotation. An In-Depth, Side-by-Side Comparison of Three Designs
[W17-0808]: Richard Eckart de Castilho | Nancy Ide | Emanuele Lapponi | Stephan Oepen | Keith Suderman | Erik Velldal | Marc Verhagen


Pdf Export Search LAPPS/Galaxy: Current State and Next Steps
[W16-5202]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman | Eric Nyberg | James Pustejovsky | Marc Verhagen


Pdf Export Search The Language Application Grid Web Service Exchange Vocabulary
[W14-5204]: Nancy Ide | James Pustejovsky | Keith Suderman | Marc Verhagen

Pdf Export Search The Language Application Grid
[L14-1706]: Nancy Ide | James Pustejovsky | Christopher Cieri | Eric Nyberg | Di Wang | Keith Suderman | Marc Verhagen | Jonathan Wright


Pdf Export Search A Model for Linguistic Resource Description
[W12-3608]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman


Pdf Export Search ANC2Go: A Web Application for Customized Corpus Creation
[L10-1515]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman | Brian Simms


Pdf Export Search Bridging the Gaps: Interoperability for GrAF, GATE, and UIMA
[W09-3004]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman


Pdf Export Search GrAF: A Graph-based Format for Linguistic Annotations
[W07-1501]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman


Pdf Export Search Layering and Merging Linguistic Annotations
[W06-2716]: Keith Suderman | Nancy Ide


Pdf Export Search The American National Corpus First Release
[L04-1313]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman


Pdf Export Search The American National Corpus: More Than the Web Can Provide.
[L02-1303]: Nancy Ide | Randi Reppen | Keith Suderman