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Pdf Export Search The Case for Empiricism (With and Without Statistics)
[W14-3002]: Kenneth Church


Pdf Export Search A Fast Re-scoring Strategy to Capture Long-Distance Dependencies
[D11-1103]: Anoop Deoras | Tomas Mikolov | Kenneth Church

Pdf Export Search Dataset Using Large Monolingual and Bilingual Corpora to Improve Coordination Disambiguation
[P11-1135]: Shane Bergsma | David Yarowsky | Kenneth Church

Pdf Export Search How Many Multiword Expressions do People Know?
[W11-0823]: Kenneth Church

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the IJCNLP 2011 System Demonstrations
[I11-2000]: Kenneth Church | Yunqing Xia


Pdf Export Search New Tools for Web-Scale N-grams
[L10-1158]: Dekang Lin | Kenneth Church | Heng Ji | Satoshi Sekine | David Yarowsky | Shane Bergsma | Kailash Patil | Emily Pitler | Rachel Lathbury | Vikram Rao | Kapil Dalwani | Sushant Narsale

Pdf Export Search Using Web-scale N-grams to Improve Base NP Parsing Performance
[C10-1100]: Emily Pitler | Shane Bergsma | Dekang Lin | Kenneth Church


Pdf Export Search K-Best Suffix Arrays
[N07-2005]: Kenneth Church | Bo Thiesson | Robert Ragno

Pdf Export Search Compressing Trigram Language Models With Golomb Coding
[D07-1021]: Kenneth Church | Ted Hart | Jianfeng Gao


Pdf Export Search Last Words: Reviewing the Reviewers
[J05-4006]: Kenneth Church


Pdf Export Search NLP Found Helpful (at least for one Text Categorization Task)
[W02-1023]: Carl Sable | Kathleen McKeown | Kenneth Church


Pdf Export Search Inverse Document Frequency (IDF): A Measure of Deviations from Poisson
[W95-0110]: Kenneth Church | William Gale


Pdf Export Search Robust Bilingual Word Alignment for Machine Aided Translation
[W93-0301]: Ido Dagan | Kenneth Church | Willian Gale


Pdf Export Search Parsing, Word Associations and Typical Predicate-Argument Relations
[H89-2012]: Kenneth Church | William Gale | Patrick Hanks | Donald Hindle


Pdf Export Search Morphoogicai Decomposition and Stress Assignment for Speech Synthesis
[P86-1023]: Kenneth Church


Pdf Export Search Stress Assignment in Letter to Sound Rules for Speech Synthesis
[P85-1030]: Kenneth Church


Pdf Export Search Coping with Syntactic Ambiguity or How to Put the Block in the Box on the Table
[J82-3004]: Kenneth Church | Ramesh Patil


Pdf Export Search On Parsing Strategies and Closure
[P80-1028]: Kenneth Church