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Pdf Export Search State-of-the-art Chinese Word Segmentation with Bi-LSTMs
[D18-1529]: Ji Ma | Kuzman Ganchev | David Weiss


Pdf Export Search Globally Normalized Transition-Based Neural Networks
[P16-1231]: Daniel Andor | Chris Alberti | David Weiss | Aliaksei Severyn | Alessandro Presta | Kuzman Ganchev | Slav Petrov | Michael Collins


Pdf Export Search Semantic Role Labeling with Neural Network Factors
[D15-1112]: Nicholas FitzGerald | Oscar Täckström | Kuzman Ganchev | Dipanjan Das

Pdf Export Search Efficient Inference and Structured Learning for Semantic Role Labeling
[Q15-1003]: Oscar Täckström | Kuzman Ganchev | Dipanjan Das


Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Semantic Frame Identification with Distributed Word Representations
[P14-1136]: Karl Moritz Hermann | Dipanjan Das | Jason Weston | Kuzman Ganchev


Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Discriminative Learning of Sequence Models with Posterior Regularization
[D13-1205]: Kuzman Ganchev | Dipanjan Das

Pdf Export Search Universal Dependency Annotation for Multilingual Parsing
[P13-2017]: Ryan McDonald | Joakim Nivre | Yvonne Quirmbach-Brundage | Yoav Goldberg | Dipanjan Das | Kuzman Ganchev | Keith Hall | Slav Petrov | Hao Zhang | Oscar Täckström | Claudia Bedini | Núria Bertomeu Castelló | Jungmee Lee


Pdf Export Search Using Search-Logs to Improve Query Tagging
[P12-2047]: Kuzman Ganchev | Keith Hall | Ryan McDonald | Slav Petrov


Pdf Export Search Rich Prior Knowledge in Learning for Natural Language Processing
[P11-5005]: Gregory Druck | Kuzman Ganchev | Joao Graca

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the RANLP 2011 Workshop on Information Extraction and Knowledge Acquisition
[W11-4000]: Preslav Nakov | Zornitsa Kozareva | Kuzman Ganchev | Jerry Hobbs


Pdf Export Search Learning Tractable Word Alignment Models with Complex Constraints
[J10-3007]: João V. Graça | Kuzman Ganchev | Ben Taskar

Pdf Export Search Sparsity in Dependency Grammar Induction
[P10-2036]: Jennifer Gillenwater | Kuzman Ganchev | João Graça | Fernando Pereira | Ben Taskar


Pdf Export Search Tunable Domain-Independent Event Extraction in the MIRA Framework
[W09-1412]: Georgi Georgiev | Kuzman Ganchev | Vassil Momchev | Deyan Peychev | Preslav Nakov | Angus Roberts

Pdf Export Search A Joint Model for Normalizing Gene and Organism Mentions in Text
[W09-4503]: Georgi Georgiev | Preslav Nakov | Kuzman Ganchev | Deyan Peychev | Vassil Momchev

Pdf Export Search Edlin: an Easy to Read Linear Learning Framework
[R09-1018]: Kuzman Ganchev | Georgi Georgiev

Pdf Export Search Feature-Rich Named Entity Recognition for Bulgarian Using Conditional Random Fields
[R09-1022]: Georgi Georgiev | Preslav Nakov | Kuzman Ganchev | Petya Osenova | Kiril Simov

Pdf Export Search Dependency Grammar Induction via Bitext Projection Constraints
[P09-1042]: Kuzman Ganchev | Jennifer Gillenwater | Ben Taskar


Pdf Export Search Small Statistical Models by Random Feature Mixing
[W08-0804]: Kuzman Ganchev | Mark Dredze

Pdf Export Search Better Alignments = Better Translations?
[P08-1112]: Kuzman Ganchev | João V. Graça | Ben Taskar


Pdf Export Search Transductive Structured Classification through Constrained Min-Cuts
[W07-0206]: Kuzman Ganchev | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Automatic Code Assignment to Medical Text
[W07-1017]: Koby Crammer | Mark Dredze | Kuzman Ganchev | Partha Pratim Talukdar | Steven Carroll

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automated Named Entity Annotation
[W07-1509]: Kuzman Ganchev | Fernando Pereira | Mark Mandel | Steven Carroll | Peter White

Pdf Export Search Frustratingly Hard Domain Adaptation for Dependency Parsing
[D07-1112]: Mark Dredze | John Blitzer | Partha Pratim Talukdar | Kuzman Ganchev | João Graca | Fernando Pereira