Pdf Export Search Discourse and Lexicons: Lexemes, MWEs, Grammatical Constructions and Compositional Word Combinations to Signal Discourse Relations
[W18-4906]: Laurence Danlos


Pdf Export Search Interfacing Sentential and Discourse TAG-based Grammars
[W16-3303]: Laurence Danlos | Aleksandre Maskharashvili | Sylvain Pogodalla

Pdf Export Search Modelling Discourse in STAG: Subordinate Conjunctions and Attributing Phrases
[W16-3304]: Timothée Bernard | Laurence Danlos

Pdf Export Search Improvement of VerbNet-like resources by frame typing
[W16-3809]: Laurence Danlos | Matthieu Constant | Lucie Barque


Pdf Export Search Adapting VerbNet to French using existing resources
[L14-1204]: Quentin Pradet | Laurence Danlos | Gaël de Chalendar

Pdf Export Search Text Generation: Reexamining G-TAG with Abstract Categorial Grammars (Génération de textes : G-TAG revisité avec les Grammaires Catégorielles Abstraites) [in French]
[F14-1015]: Laurence Danlos | Aleksandre Maskharashvili | Sylvain Pogodalla

Pdf Export Search Sub-categorization in 'pour' and lexical syntax (Sous-catégorisation en pour et syntaxe lexicale) [in French]
[F14-2007]: Benoît Sagot | Laurence Danlos | Margot Colinet

Pdf Export Search Because We Say So
[W14-0701]: Julie Hunter | Laurence Danlos

Pdf Export Search An ACG Analysis of the G-TAG Generation Process
[W14-4406]: Laurence Danlos | Aleksandre Maskharashvili | Sylvain Pogodalla

Pdf Export Search Toward a French VerbeNet (Vers la création d’un Verbnet français) [in French]
[W14-6407]: Laurence Danlos | Takuyua Nakamura | Quentin Pradet


Pdf Export Search WoNeF, an improved, extended and evaluated automatic French translation of WordNet (WoNeF : amélioration, extension et évaluation d’une traduction française automatique de WordNet) [in French]
[F13-1006]: Quentin Pradet | Jeanne Baguenier-Desormeaux | Gaël de Chalendar | Laurence Danlos


Pdf Export Search Semantic annotation of French corpora: animacy and verb semantic classes
[L12-1312]: Juliette Thuilier | Laurence Danlos

Pdf Export Search Vers le FDTB : French Discourse Tree Bank (Towards the FDTB : French Discourse Tree Bank) [in French]
[F12-2042]: Laurence Danlos | Diégo Antolinos-Basso | Chloé Braud | Charlotte Roze


Pdf Export Search French TimeBank: An ISO-TimeML Annotated Reference Corpus
[P11-2023]: André Bittar | Pascal Amsili | Pascal Denis | Laurence Danlos

Pdf Export Search EasyText: an Operational NLG System
[W11-2818]: Laurence Danlos | Frédéric Meunier | Vanessa Combet


Pdf Export Search A Lexicon of French Quotation Verbs for Automatic Quotation Extraction
[L10-1265]: Benoît Sagot | Laurence Danlos | Rosa Stern

Pdf Export Search Learning Recursive Segments for Discourse Parsing
[L10-1401]: Stergos Afantenos | Pascal Denis | Philippe Muller | Laurence Danlos

Pdf Export Search Control Verb, Argument Cluster Coordination and Multi Component TAG
[W10-4413]: Djamé Seddah | Benoit Sagot | Laurence Danlos


Pdf Export Search Automatic Recognition of French Expletive Pronoun Occurrences
[I05-2013]: Laurence Danlos


Pdf Export Search Discourse Dependency Structures as Constrained DAGs
[W04-2324]: Laurence Danlos

Pdf Export Search Sentences with Two Subordinate Clauses: Syntactic and Semantic Analyses, Underspecified Semantic Representation
[W04-3319]: Laurence Danlos


Pdf Export Search A Complete Integrated NLG System Using AI and NLU Tools
[C02-1141]: Laurence Danlos | Adil El Ghali


Pdf Export Search Document Structuring à la SDRT
[W01-0803]: Laurence Danlos | Bertrand Gaiffe | Laurent Roussarie


Pdf Export Search Generating a controlled language
[W00-1419]: Laurence Danlos | Guy Lapalme | Veronika Lux


Pdf Export Search SAGE - a Sentence Parsing and Generation System
[C88-1074]: Jean-Marie Lancel | Miyo Otani | Nathalie Simonin | Laurence Danlos


Pdf Export Search The Linguistic Basis of Text Generation
[E87-1001]: Laurence Danlos