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Pdf Export Search IUCM at SemEval-2018 Task 11: Similar-Topic Texts as a Comprehension Knowledge Source
[S18-1179]: Sofia Reznikova | Leon Derczynski

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics
[C18-1000]: Emily M. Bender | Leon Derczynski | Pierre Isabelle


Pdf Export Search Simple Open Stance Classification for Rumour Analysis
[R17-1005]: Ahmet Aker | Leon Derczynski | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2017 Task 8: RumourEval: Determining rumour veracity and support for rumours
[S17-2006]: Leon Derczynski | Kalina Bontcheva | Maria Liakata | Rob Procter | Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi | Arkaitz Zubiaga

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text
[W17-4400]: Leon Derczynski | Wei Xu | Alan Ritter | Tim Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Results of the WNUT2017 Shared Task on Novel and Emerging Entity Recognition
[W17-4418]: Leon Derczynski | Eric Nichols | Marieke van Erp | Nut Limsopatham


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text (WNUT)
[W16-3900]: Bo Han | Alan Ritter | Leon Derczynski | Wei Xu | Tim Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Twitter Geolocation Prediction Shared Task of the 2016 Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text
[W16-3928]: Bo Han | Afshin Rahimi | Leon Derczynski | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Broad Twitter Corpus: A Diverse Named Entity Recognition Resource
[C16-1111]: Leon Derczynski | Kalina Bontcheva | Ian Roberts

Pdf Export Search Representation and Learning of Temporal Relations
[C16-1182]: Leon Derczynski

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search SemEval-2016 Task 12: Clinical TempEval
[S16-1165]: Steven Bethard | Guergana Savova | Wei-Te Chen | Leon Derczynski | James Pustejovsky | Marc Verhagen


Pdf Export Search Tune Your Brown Clustering, Please
[R15-1016]: Leon Derczynski | Sean Chester | Kenneth Bøgh

Pdf Export Search Temporal Relation Classification using a Model of Tense and Aspect
[R15-1017]: Leon Derczynski | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Efficient Named Entity Annotation through Pre-empting
[R15-1018]: Leon Derczynski | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search Dataset USFD: Twitter NER with Drift Compensation and Linked Data
[W15-4306]: Leon Derczynski | Isabelle Augenstein | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search Handling and Mining Linguistic Variation in UGC
[W15-5402]: Leon Derczynski

Pdf Export Search Swiss-Chocolate: Combining Flipout Regularization and Random Forests with Artificially Built Subsystems to Boost Text-Classification for Sentiment
[S15-2101]: Fatih Uzdilli | Martin Jaggi | Dominic Egger | Pascal Julmy | Leon Derczynski | Mark Cieliebak

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2015 Task 6: Clinical TempEval
[S15-2136]: Steven Bethard | Leon Derczynski | Guergana Savova | James Pustejovsky | Marc Verhagen

Pdf Export Search UFPRSheffield: Contrasting Rule-based and Support Vector Machine Approaches to Time Expression Identification in Clinical TempEval
[S15-2141]: Hegler Tissot | Genevieve Gorrell | Angus Roberts | Leon Derczynski | Marcos Didonet Del Fabro

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Temporal Expressions Annotated in Clinical Notes
[W15-0211]: Hegler Tissot | Angus Roberts | Leon Derczynski | Genevieve Gorrell | Marcus Didonet Del Fabro


Pdf Export Search Corpus Annotation through Crowdsourcing: Towards Best Practice Guidelines
[L14-1412]: Marta Sabou | Kalina Bontcheva | Leon Derczynski | Arno Scharl

Pdf Export Search DKIE: Open Source Information Extraction for Danish
[E14-2016]: Leon Derczynski | Camilla Vilhelmsen Field | Kenneth S. Bøgh

Pdf Export Search The GATE Crowdsourcing Plugin: Crowdsourcing Annotated Corpora Made Easy
[E14-2025]: Kalina Bontcheva | Ian Roberts | Leon Derczynski | Dominic Rout

Pdf Export Search Passive-Aggressive Sequence Labeling with Discriminative Post-Editing for Recognising Person Entities in Tweets
[E14-4014]: Leon Derczynski | Kalina Bontcheva


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2013 Task 1: TempEval-3: Evaluating Time Expressions, Events, and Temporal Relations
[S13-2001]: Naushad UzZaman | Hector Llorens | Leon Derczynski | James Allen | Marc Verhagen | James Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search Empirical Validation of Reichenbach’s Tense Framework
[W13-0107]: Leon Derczynski | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search TwitIE: An Open-Source Information Extraction Pipeline for Microblog Text
[R13-1011]: Kalina Bontcheva | Leon Derczynski | Adam Funk | Mark Greenwood | Diana Maynard | Niraj Aswani

Pdf Export Search Recognising and Interpreting Named Temporal Expressions
[R13-1015]: Matteo Brucato | Leon Derczynski | Hector Llorens | Kalina Bontcheva | Christian S. Jensen

Pdf Export Search Twitter Part-of-Speech Tagging for All: Overcoming Sparse and Noisy Data
[R13-1026]: Leon Derczynski | Alan Ritter | Sam Clark | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search Temporal Signals Help Label Temporal Relations
[P13-2114]: Leon Derczynski | Robert Gaizauskas


Pdf Export Search TIMEN: An Open Temporal Expression Normalisation Resource
[L12-1015]: Hector Llorens | Leon Derczynski | Robert Gaizauskas | Estela Saquete

Pdf Export Search Massively Increasing TIMEX3 Resources: A Transduction Approach
[L12-1237]: Leon Derczynski | Hector Llorens | Estela Saquete


Pdf Export Search Analysing Temporally Annotated Corpora with CAVaT
[L10-1375]: Leon Derczynski | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search USFD2: Annotating Temporal Expresions and TLINKs for TempEval-2
[S10-1075]: Leon Derczynski | Robert Gaizauskas


Pdf Export Search A Data Driven Approach to Query Expansion in Question Answering
[W08-1805]: Leon Derczynski | Jun Wang | Robert Gaizauskas | Mark A. Greenwood