Pdf Export Search LENA computerized automatic analysis of speech development from birth to three
[O18-1017]: Li-mei Chen | D. Kimbrough Oller | Chia-Cheng Lee | Chin-Ting Jimbo Liu


Pdf Export Search Speech Intelligibility and the Production of Fricative and Affricate among Mandarin-speaking Children with Cerebral Palsy
[O16-1016]: Chin-Ting Liu | Li-mei Chen | Yu-Ching Lin | Chia-Fang Cheng | Hui-chen Chang


Pdf Export Search Quantitative Assessment of Cry in Term and Preterm Infants: Long-Time Average Spectrum Analysis
[O14-5006]: Li-mei Chen


Pdf Export Search Variability in vowel formant frequencies of children with cerebral palsy
[O13-1026]: Li-mei Chen | Yung-Chieh Lin | Wei Chen Hsu | Fang-hsin Liao


Pdf Export Search English Article Errors in Taiwanese College Students' EFL Writing
[O11-4001]: Neil Edward Barrett | Li-mei Chen


Pdf Export Search 台灣學生英文寫作冠詞錯誤分析 (English article errors in Taiwanese college students' EFL writing)
[O10-2002]: Neil Edward Barrett | Li-mei Chen


Pdf Export Search Tonal effects on voice onset time: Stops in Mandarin and Hakka (聲調對嗓音起始時間的影響:以國語和客語為研究對象)
[O09-1009]: Jui-Feng Peng | Li-mei Chen | Yi-Yun Lin

Pdf Export Search Tonal Effects on Voice Onset Time
[O09-6001]: Jui-Feng Peng | Li-mei Chen | Chia-Cheng Lee


Pdf Export Search A Cross-Linguistic Study of Voice Onset Time in Stop Consonant Productions
[O08-4005]: Kuan-Yi Chao | Li-mei Chen


Pdf Export Search VOT productions of word-initial stops in Mandarin and English: A cross-language study
[O07-2004]: Li-mei Chen | Kuan-Yi Chao | Jui-Feng Peng