Pdf Export Search A fine-grained error analysis of NMT, SMT and RBMT output for English-to-Dutch
[L18-1600]: Laura Van Brussel | Arda Tezcan | Lieve Macken


Pdf Export Search UGENT-LT3 SCATE Submission for WMT16 Shared Task on Quality Estimation
[W16-2393]: Arda Tezcan | Véronique Hoste | Lieve Macken

Pdf Export Search Detecting Grammatical Errors in Machine Translation Output Using Dependency Parsing and Treebank Querying
[W16-3409]: Arda Tezcan | Veronique Hoste | Lieve Macken


Pdf Export Search UGENT-LT3 SCATE System for Machine Translation Quality Estimation
[W15-3043]: Arda Tezcan | Veronique Hoste | Bart Desmet | Lieve Macken

Pdf Export Search Smart Computer Aided Translation Environment - SCATE
[W15-4946]: Vincent Vandeghinste | Tom Vanallemeersch | Frank Van Eynde | Geert Heyman | Sien Moens | Joris Pelemans | Patrick Wambacq | Iulianna Van der Lek - Ciudin | Arda Tezcan | Lieve Macken | Véronique Hoste | Eva Geurts | Mieke Haesen


Pdf Export Search On the origin of errors: A fine-grained analysis of MT and PE errors and their relationship
[L14-1441]: Joke Daems | Lieve Macken | Sonia Vandepitte


Pdf Export Search From Character to Word Level: Enabling the Linguistic Analyses of Inputlog Process Data
[W12-0301]: Mariëlle Leijten | Lieve Macken | Veronique Hoste | Eric Van Horenbeeck | Luuk Van Waes

Pdf Export Search From keystrokes to annotated process data: Enriching the output of Inputlog with linguistic information
[L12-1030]: Lieve Macken | Veronique Hoste | Marielle Leijten | Luuk Van Waes


Pdf Export Search An Annotation Scheme and Gold Standard for Dutch-English Word Alignment
[L10-1060]: Lieve Macken


Pdf Export Search Language-Independent Bilingual Terminology Extraction from a Multilingual Parallel Corpus
[E09-1057]: Els Lefever | Lieve Macken | Veronique Hoste


Pdf Export Search Linguistically-Based Sub-Sentential Alignment for Terminology Extraction from a Bilingual Automotive Corpus
[C08-1067]: Lieve Macken | Els Lefever | Veronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search Sentence Alignment in DPC: Maximizing Precision, Minimizing Human Effort
[L08-1572]: Julia Trushkina | Lieve Macken | Hans Paulussen