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Pdf Export Search Demographic Inference on Twitter using Recursive Neural Networks
[P17-2075]: Sunghwan Mac Kim | Qiongkai Xu | Lizhen Qu | Stephen Wan | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition for Novel Types by Transfer Learning
[D16-1087]: Lizhen Qu | Gabriela Ferraro | Liyuan Zhou | Weiwei Hou | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Pre-training With Seq2Seq Reconstruction Loss for Deep Relation Extraction Models
[U16-1006]: Zhuang Li | Lizhen Qu | Qiongkai Xu | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Pairwise FastText Classifier for Entity Disambiguation
[U16-1023]: Cheng Yu | Bing Chu | Rohit Ram | James Aichinger | Lizhen Qu | Hanna Suominen

Pdf Export Search STransE: a novel embedding model of entities and relationships in knowledge bases
[N16-1054]: Dat Quoc Nguyen | Kairit Sirts | Lizhen Qu | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Neighborhood Mixture Model for Knowledge Base Completion
[K16-1005]: Dat Quoc Nguyen | Kairit Sirts | Lizhen Qu | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search Big Data Small Data, In Domain Out-of Domain, Known Word Unknown Word: The Impact of Word Representations on Sequence Labelling Tasks
[K15-1009]: Lizhen Qu | Gabriela Ferraro | Liyuan Zhou | Weiwei Hou | Nathan Schneider | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search Senti-LSSVM: Sentiment-Oriented Multi-Relation Extraction with Latent Structural SVM
[Q14-1013]: Lizhen Qu | Yi Zhang | Rui Wang | Lili Jiang | Rainer Gemulla | Gerhard Weikum


Pdf Export Search A Weakly Supervised Model for Sentence-Level Semantic Orientation Analysis with Multiple Experts
[D12-1014]: Lizhen Qu | Rainer Gemulla | Gerhard Weikum


Pdf Export Search The Bag-of-Opinions Method for Review Rating Prediction from Sparse Text Patterns
[C10-1103]: Lizhen Qu | Georgiana Ifrim | Gerhard Weikum