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Pdf Export Search Building and Learning Structures in a Situated Blocks World Through Deep Language Understanding
[W18-1402]: Ian Perera | James Allen | Choh Man Teng | Lucian Galescu

Pdf Export Search A Situated Dialogue System for Learning Structural Concepts in Blocks World
[W18-5010]: Ian Perera | James Allen | Choh Man Teng | Lucian Galescu

Pdf Export Search Cogent: A Generic Dialogue System Shell Based on a Collaborative Problem Solving Model
[W18-5048]: Lucian Galescu | Choh Man Teng | James Allen | Ian Perera


Pdf Export Search Complex Event Extraction using DRUM
[W15-3801]: James Allen | Will de Beaumont | Lucian Galescu | Choh Man Teng


Pdf Export Search Automatically Deriving Event Ontologies for a CommonSense Knowledge Base
[W13-0103]: James Allen | Will de Beaumont | Lucian Galescu | Jansen Orfan | Mary Swift | Choh Man Teng

Pdf Export Search Automatic Metaphor Detection using Large-Scale Lexical Resources and Conventional Metaphor Extraction
[W13-0905]: Yorick Wilks | Adam Dalton | James Allen | Lucian Galescu


Pdf Export Search Building Timelines from Narrative Clinical Records: Initial Results Based-on Deep Natural Language Understanding
[W11-0219]: Hyuckchul Jung | James Allen | Nate Blaylock | William de Beaumont | Lucian Galescu | Mary Swift


Pdf Export Search Extending Pronunciation Lexicons via Non-phonemic Respellings
[N09-2033]: Lucian Galescu


Pdf Export Search Demonstration of PLOW: A Dialogue System for One-Shot Task Learning
[N07-4001]: James Allen | Nathanael Chambers | George Ferguson | Lucian Galescu | Hyuckchul Jung | Mary Swift | William Taysom


Pdf Export Search Two Diverse Systems Built using Generic Components for Spoken Dialogue (Recent Progress on TRIPS)
[P05-3022]: James Allen | George Ferguson | Amanda Stent | Scott Stoness | Mary Swift | Lucian Galescu | Nathan Chambers | Ellen Campana | Gregorynn Aist


Pdf Export Search TRIPS- 911 System Demonstration
[W00-0307]: James Allen | Donna Byron | Dave Costello | Myroslava Dzikovska | George Ferguson | Lucian Galescu | Amanda Stent