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Pdf Export Search L2F/INESC-ID at SemEval-2017 Tasks 1 and 2: Lexical and semantic features in word and textual similarity
[S17-2032]: Pedro Fialho | Hugo Patinho Rodrigues | Luísa Coheur | Paulo Quaresma


Pdf Export Search A study on the production of collocations by European Portuguese learners
[W16-1814]: Angela Costa | Luísa Coheur | Teresa Lino


Pdf Export Search Coupling Natural Language Processing and Animation Synthesis in Portuguese Sign Language Translation
[W15-2815]: Inês Almeida | Luísa Coheur | Sara Candeias

Pdf Export Search From European Portuguese to Portuguese Sign Language
[W15-5124]: Inês Almeida | Luísa Coheur | Sara Candeias


Pdf Export Search JUST.ASK, a QA system that learns to answer new questions from previous interactions
[L14-1160]: Sérgio Curto | Ana C. Mendes | Pedro Curto | Luísa Coheur | Angela Costa

Pdf Export Search Translation errors from English to Portuguese: an annotated corpus
[L14-1201]: Angela Costa | Tiago Luís | Luísa Coheur


Pdf Export Search Meet EDGAR, a tutoring agent at MONSERRATE
[P13-4011]: Pedro Fialho | Luísa Coheur | Sérgio Curto | Pedro Cláudio | Ângela Costa | Alberto Abad | Hugo Meinedo | Isabel Trancoso


Pdf Export Search Dealing with unknown words in statistical machine translation
[L12-1585]: João Silva | Luísa Coheur | Ângela Costa | Isabel Trancoso

Pdf Export Search An English-Portuguese parallel corpus of questions: translation guidelines and application in SMT
[L12-1173]: Ângela Costa | Tiago Luís | Joana Ribeiro | Ana Cristina Mendes | Luísa Coheur

Pdf Export Search Extending a wordnet framework for simplicity and scalability
[L12-1187]: Pedro Fialho | Sérgio Curto | Ana Cristina Mendes | Luísa Coheur


Pdf Export Search Reordering Modeling using Weighted Alignment Matrices
[P11-2079]: Wang Ling | Tiago Luís | João Graça | Isabel Trancoso | Luísa Coheur

Pdf Export Search Exploring linguistically-rich patterns for question generation
[W11-2705]: Sérgio Curto | Ana Cristina Mendes | Luísa Coheur


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition in Questions: Towards a Golden Collection
[L10-1057]: Ana Cristina Mendes | Luísa Coheur | Paula Vaz Lobo


Pdf Export Search A step towards incremental generation of logical forms
[W04-2006]: Luísa Coheur | Nuno Mamede | Gabriel Bès