Pdf Export Search CASSA: A Context-Aware Synonym Simplification Algorithm
[N15-1156]: Ricardo Baeza-Yates | Luz Rello | Julia Dembowski


Pdf Export Search DysList: An Annotated Resource of Dyslexic Errors
[L14-1492]: Luz Rello | Ricardo Baeza-Yates | Joaquim Llisterri

Pdf Export Search Keyword Highlighting Improves Comprehension for People with Dyslexia
[W14-1204]: Luz Rello | Horacio Saggion | Ricardo Baeza-Yates


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Improving Textual Accessibility
[W13-1500]: Luz Rello | Horacio Saggion | Ricardo Baeza-Yates


Pdf Export Search Can Spanish Be Simpler? LexSiS: Lexical Simplification for Spanish
[C12-1023]: Stefan Bott | Luz Rello | Biljana Drndarevic | Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Graphical Schemes May Improve Readability but Not Understandability for People with Dyslexia
[W12-2204]: Luz Rello | Horacio Saggion | Ricardo Baeza-Yates | Eduardo Graells

Pdf Export Search Elliphant: Improved Automatic Detection of Zero Subjects and Impersonal Constructions in Spanish
[E12-1072]: Luz Rello | Ricardo Baeza-Yates | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search A Portuguese-Spanish Corpus Annotated for Subject Realization and Referentiality
[L12-1252]: Luz Rello | Iria Gayo


Pdf Export Search Automatic conjugation and identification of regular and irregular verb neologisms in Spanish
[W10-0301]: Luz Rello | Eduardo Basterrechea


Pdf Export Search Semantic Similarity of Distractors in Multiple-Choice Tests: Extrinsic Evaluation
[W09-0207]: Ruslan Mitkov | Le An Ha | Andrea Varga | Luz Rello

Pdf Export Search A Rule-Based Approach to the Identification of Spanish Zero Pronouns
[R09-2011]: Luz Rello | Iustina Ilisei