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Pdf Export Search Complex Word Identification Using Character n-grams
[W18-0541]: Maja Popović

Pdf Export Search Improving Machine Translation of English Relative Clauses with Automatic Text Simplification
[W18-7006]: Sanja Štajner | Maja Popović


Pdf Export Search chrF++: words helping character n-grams
[W17-4770]: Maja Popović


Pdf Export Search chrF deconstructed: beta parameters and n-gram weights
[W16-2341]: Maja Popović

Pdf Export Search Language Related Issues for Machine Translation between Closely Related South Slavic Languages
[W16-4806]: Maja Popović | Mihael Arcan | Filip Klubička

Pdf Export Search Enlarging Scarce In-domain English-Croatian Corpus for SMT of MOOCs Using Serbian
[W16-4813]: Maja Popović | Kostadin Cholakov | Valia Kordoni | Nikola Ljubešić


Pdf Export Search DFKI’s experimental hybrid MT system for WMT 2015
[W15-3004]: Eleftherios Avramidis | Maja Popović | Aljoscha Burchardt

Pdf Export Search chrF: character n-gram F-score for automatic MT evaluation
[W15-3049]: Maja Popović

Pdf Export Search Identifying main obstacles for statistical machine translation of morphologically rich South Slavic languages
[W15-4913]: Maja Popović | Mihael Arcan

Pdf Export Search Poor man’s lemmatisation for automatic error classification
[W15-4914]: Maja Popović | Mihael Arcan | Eleftherios Avramidis | Aljoscha Burchardt | Arle Lommel


Pdf Export Search The taraXÜ corpus of human-annotated machine translations
[L14-1347]: Eleftherios Avramidis | Aljoscha Burchardt | Sabine Hunsicker | Maja Popović | Cindy Tscherwinka | David Vilar | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Exploring cross-language statistical machine translation for closely related South Slavic languages
[W14-4210]: Maja Popović | Nikola Ljubešić

Pdf Export Search Correlating decoding events with errors in Statistical Machine Translation
[W14-5104]: Eleftherios Avramidis | Maja Popović


Pdf Export Search TerrorCat: a Translation Error Categorization-based MT Quality Metric
[W12-3105]: Mark Fishel | Rico Sennrich | Maja Popović | Ondřej Bojar

Pdf Export Search Involving Language Professionals in the Evaluation of Machine Translation
[L12-1129]: Eleftherios Avramidis | Aljoscha Burchardt | Christian Federmann | Maja Popović | Cindy Tscherwinka | David Vilar

Pdf Export Search Automatic MT Error Analysis: Hjerson Helping Addicter
[L12-1160]: Jan Berka | Ondřej Bojar | Mark Fishel | Maja Popović | Daniel Zeman

Pdf Export Search Terra: a Collection of Translation Error-Annotated Corpora
[L12-1260]: Mark Fishel | Ondřej Bojar | Maja Popović


Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Error Analysis of Machine Translation Output
[J11-4002]: Maja Popović | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Evaluate with Confidence Estimation: Machine ranking of translation outputs using grammatical features
[W11-2104]: Eleftherios Avramidis | Maja Popović | David Vilar | Aljoscha Burchardt

Pdf Export Search Evaluation without references: IBM1 scores as evaluation metrics
[W11-2109]: Maja Popović | David Vilar | Eleftherios Avramidis | Aljoscha Burchardt

Pdf Export Search Morphemes and POS tags for n-gram based evaluation metrics
[W11-2110]: Maja Popović


Pdf Export Search Syntax-Oriented Evaluation Measures for Machine Translation Output
[W09-0402]: Maja Popović | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search The RWTH Machine Translation System for WMT 2009
[W09-0410]: Maja Popović | David Vilar | Daniel Stein | Evgeny Matusov | Hermann Ney


Pdf Export Search Augmenting a Small Parallel Text with Morpho-Syntactic Language
[W05-0806]: Maja Popović | David Vilar | Hermann Ney | Slobodan Jovičić | Zoran Šarić


Pdf Export Search Towards the Use of Word Stems and Suffixes for Statistical Machine Translation
[L04-1211]: Maja Popović | Hermann Ney