Pdf Export Search Predicting Causes of Reformulation in Intelligent Assistants
[W17-5536]: Shumpei Sano | Nobuhiro Kaji | Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search Design of Word Association Games using Dialog Systems for Acquisition of Word Association Knowledge
[W16-1316]: Yuichiro Machida | Daisuke Kawahara | Sadao Kurohashi | Manabu Sassano

Pdf Export Search Large-Scale Acquisition of Commonsense Knowledge via a Quiz Game on a Dialogue System
[W16-4402]: Naoki Otani | Daisuke Kawahara | Sadao Kurohashi | Nobuhiro Kaji | Manabu Sassano

Pdf Export Search Prediction of Prospective User Engagement with Intelligent Assistants
[P16-1114]: Shumpei Sano | Nobuhiro Kaji | Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search Effects of Game on User Engagement with Spoken Dialogue System
[W15-4656]: Hayato Kobayashi | Kaori Tanio | Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search Rapid Development of a Corpus with Discourse Annotations using Two-stage Crowdsourcing
[C14-1027]: Daisuke Kawahara | Yuichiro Machida | Tomohide Shibata | Sadao Kurohashi | Hayato Kobayashi | Manabu Sassano

Pdf Export Search Deterministic Word Segmentation Using Maximum Matching with Fully Lexicalized Rules
[E14-4016]: Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search Using Smaller Constituents Rather Than Sentences in Active Learning for Japanese Dependency Parsing
[P10-1037]: Manabu Sassano | Sadao Kurohashi


Pdf Export Search A Unified Single Scan Algorithm for Japanese Base Phrase Chunking and Dependency Parsing
[P09-2013]: Manabu Sassano | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Learning Semantic Categories from Clickthrough Logs
[P09-2048]: Mamoru Komachi | Shimpei Makimoto | Kei Uchiumi | Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search An Experimental Comparison of the Voted Perceptron and Support Vector Machines in Japanese Analysis Tasks
[I08-2117]: Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search Using a Partially Annotated Corpus to Build a Dependency Parser for Japanese
[I05-1008]: Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search Linear-Time Dependency Analysis for Japanese
[C04-1002]: Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search Virtual Examples for Text Classification with Support Vector Machines
[W03-1027]: Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Active Learning with Support Vector Machines forJapanese Word Segmentation
[P02-1064]: Manabu Sassano

Pdf Export Search Combining Outputs of Multiple Japanese Named Entity Chunkers by Stacking
[W02-1036]: Takehito Utsuro | Manabu Sassano | Kiyotaka Uchimoto

Pdf Export Search Learning with Multiple Stacking for Named Entity Recognition
[W02-2031]: Koji Tsukamoto | Yutaka Mitsuishi | Manabu Sassano


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Chunking Techniques in Supervised Learning for Japanese Named Entity Recognition
[C00-2102]: Manabu Sassano | Takehito Utsuro

Pdf Export Search Minimally Supervised Japanese Named Entity Recognition: Resources and Evaluation
[L00-1196]: Takehito Utsuro | Manabu Sassano