Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Software Engineering, Testing, and Quality Assurance for Natural Language Processing (SETQA-NLP 2009)
[W09-1500]: Kevin Bretonnel Cohen | Marc Light

Pdf Export Search Integrating High Precision Rules with Statistical Sequence Classifiers for Accuracy and Speed
[W09-1512]: Wenhui Liao | Marc Light | Sriharsha Veeramachaneni


Pdf Export Search Increasing Maintainability of NLP Evaluation Modules Through Declarative Implementations
[W08-0501]: Terry Heinze | Marc Light


Pdf Export Search Web-Based Interfaces for Natural Language Processing Tools
[W05-0105]: Marc Light | Robert Arens | Xin Lu

Pdf Export Search Making Hidden Markov Models More Transparent
[W05-0106]: Nashira Lincoln | Marc Light


Pdf Export Search The Language of Bioscience: Facts, Speculations, and Statements In Between
[W04-3103]: Marc Light | Xin Ying Qiu | Padmini Srinivasan


Pdf Export Search Looking Under the Hood: Tools for Diagnosing Your Question Answering Engine
[W01-1201]: Eric Breck | Marc Light | Gideon Mann | Ellen Riloff | Brianne Brown | Pranav Anand


Pdf Export Search How to Evaluate Your Question Answering System Every Day ... and Still Get Real Work Done
[L00-1153]: Eric J. Breck | John D. Burger | Lisa Ferro | Lynette Hirschman | David House | Marc Light | Inderjeet Mani


Pdf Export Search Deep Read: A Reading Comprehension System
[P99-1042]: Lynette Hirschman | Marc Light | Eric Breck | John D. Burger

Pdf Export Search Hiding a Semantic Hierarchy in a Markov Model
[W99-0901]: Steven Abney | Marc Light


Pdf Export Search Morphological Cues for Lexical Semantics
[P96-1004]: Marc Light


Pdf Export Search INSYST.- An Automatic Inserter System for Hierarchical Lexica
[E93-1065]: Marc Light | Sabine Reinhard | Marie Boyle-Hinrichs