Pdf Export Search Let’s Lie Together: Co-Presence Effects on Children’s Deceptive Skills
[W12-0409]: Marc Swerts


Pdf Export Search Characterizing and Predicting Corrections in Spoken Dialogue Systems
[J06-3004]: Diane Litman | Marc Swerts | Julia Hirschberg


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Consensus on the Annotation of Prosodic Breaks in the Romance Corpus of Spontaneous Speech "C-ORAL-ROM"
[L04-1210]: Morena Danieli | Juan María Garrido | Massimo Moneglia | Andrea Panizza | Silvia Quazza | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search The Influence of the Labeller’s Regional Background on Phonetic Transcriptions: Implications for the Evaluation of Spoken Language Resources
[L04-1337]: Evie Coussé | Steven Gillis | Hanne Kloots | Marc Swerts


Pdf Export Search Annotation of prominent words, prosodic boundaries and segmental lengthening by non-expert transcribers in the Spoken Dutch Corpus.
[L02-1096]: Jeska Buhmann | Johanneke Caspers | Vincent J. van Heuven | Heleen Hoekstra | Jean-Pierre Martens | Marc Swerts


Pdf Export Search Identifying User Corrections Automatically in Spoken Dialogue Systems
[N01-1027]: Julia Hirschberg | Diane Litman | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Detecting Problematic Turns in Human-Machine Interactions: Rule-induction Versus Memory-based Learning Approaches
[P01-1012]: Antal van den Bosch | Emiel Krahmer | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Predicting User Reactions to System Error
[P01-1048]: Diane Litman | Julia Hirschberg | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Labeling Corrections and Aware Sites in Spoken Dialogue Systems
[W01-1610]: Julia Hirschberg | Marc Swerts | Diane Litman


Pdf Export Search Predicting Automatic Speech Recognition Performance Using Prosodic Cues
[A00-2029]: Diane J. Litman | Julia B. Hirschberg | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search On the Use of Prosody for On-line Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems
[L00-1032]: Marc Swerts | Emiel Krahmer