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Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection and Language Identification of Multilingual Documents
[Q14-1003]: Marco Lui | Jey Han Lau | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Accurate Language Identification of Twitter Messages
[W14-1303]: Marco Lui | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Exploring Methods and Resources for Discriminating Similar Languages
[W14-5315]: Marco Lui | Ned Letcher | Oliver Adams | Long Duong | Paul Cook | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search How Noisy Social Media Text, How Diffrnt Social Media Sources?
[I13-1041]: Timothy Baldwin | Paul Cook | Marco Lui | Andrew MacKinlay | Li Wang

Pdf Export Search UniMelb_NLP-CORE: Integrating predictions from multiple domains and feature sets for estimating semantic textual similarity
[S13-1030]: Spandana Gella | Bahar Salehi | Marco Lui | Karl Grieser | Paul Cook | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Classifying English Documents by National Dialect
[U13-1003]: Marco Lui | Paul Cook

Pdf Export Search Recovering Casing and Punctuation using Conditional Random Fields
[U13-1020]: Marco Lui | Li Wang


Pdf Export Search langid.py: An Off-the-shelf Language Identification Tool
[P12-3005]: Marco Lui | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Estimation of Word Usage Similarity
[U12-1006]: Marco Lui | Timothy Baldwin | Diana McCarthy

Pdf Export Search langid.py for better language modelling
[U12-1014]: Paul Cook | Marco Lui

Pdf Export Search Feature Stacking for Sentence Classification in Evidence-Based Medicine
[U12-1019]: Marco Lui


Pdf Export Search Predicting Thread Discourse Structure over Technical Web Forums
[D11-1002]: Li Wang | Marco Lui | Su Nam Kim | Joakim Nivre | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Cross-domain Feature Selection for Language Identification
[I11-1062]: Marco Lui | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search Intelligent Linux Information Access by Data Mining: the ILIAD Project
[W10-0508]: Timothy Baldwin | David Martinez | Richard Penman | Su Nam Kim | Marco Lui | Li Wang | Andrew MacKinlay

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Language Identification: ALTW 2010 Shared Task Data
[U10-1003]: Timothy Baldwin | Marco Lui

Pdf Export Search Classifying User Forum Participants: Separating the Gurus from the Hacks, and Other Tales of the Internet
[U10-1009]: Marco Lui | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Language Identification: The Long and the Short of the Matter
[N10-1027]: Timothy Baldwin | Marco Lui