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Pdf Export Search Presentation Scoring Lexical Entailment with a Supervised Directional Similarity Network
[P18-2101]: Marek Rei | Daniela Gerz | Ivan Vulić

Pdf Export Search Sequence Classification with Human Attention
[K18-1030]: Maria Barrett | Joachim Bingel | Nora Hollenstein | Marek Rei | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Zero-Shot Sequence Labeling: Transferring Knowledge from Sentences to Tokens
[N18-1027]: Marek Rei | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Dataset Variable Typing: Assigning Meaning to Variables in Mathematical Text
[N18-1028]: Yiannos Stathopoulos | Simon Baker | Marek Rei | Simone Teufel


Pdf Export Search Auxiliary Objectives for Neural Error Detection Models
[W17-5004]: Marek Rei | Helen Yannakoudakis

Pdf Export Search An Error-Oriented Approach to Word Embedding Pre-Training
[W17-5016]: Youmna Farag | Marek Rei | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Detecting Off-topic Responses to Visual Prompts
[W17-5020]: Marek Rei

Pdf Export Search Artificial Error Generation with Machine Translation and Syntactic Patterns
[W17-5032]: Marek Rei | Mariano Felice | Zheng Yuan | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Grasping the Finer Point: A Supervised Similarity Network for Metaphor Detection
[D17-1162]: Marek Rei | Luana Bulat | Douwe Kiela | Ekaterina Shutova

Pdf Export Search Neural Sequence-Labelling Models for Grammatical Error Correction
[D17-1297]: Helen Yannakoudakis | Marek Rei | Øistein E. Andersen | Zheng Yuan

Pdf Export Search Poster Semi-supervised Multitask Learning for Sequence Labeling
[P17-1194]: Marek Rei


Pdf Export Search Sentence Similarity Measures for Fine-Grained Estimation of Topical Relevance in Learner Essays
[W16-0533]: Marek Rei | Ronan Cummins

Pdf Export Search A Joint Model for Word Embedding and Word Morphology
[W16-1603]: Kris Cao | Marek Rei

Pdf Export Search Automatic Text Scoring Using Neural Networks
[P16-1068]: Dimitrios Alikaniotis | Helen Yannakoudakis | Marek Rei

Pdf Export Search Compositional Sequence Labeling Models for Error Detection in Learner Writing
[P16-1112]: Marek Rei | Helen Yannakoudakis

Pdf Export Search Attending to Characters in Neural Sequence Labeling Models
[C16-1030]: Marek Rei | Gamal Crichton | Sampo Pyysalo


Pdf Export Search Online Representation Learning in Recurrent Neural Language Models
[D15-1026]: Marek Rei


Pdf Export Search Looking for Hyponyms in Vector Space
[W14-1608]: Marek Rei | Ted Briscoe


Pdf Export Search Parser lexicalisation through self-learning
[N13-1040]: Marek Rei | Ted Briscoe


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Entailment Detection between Dependency Graph Fragments
[W11-0202]: Marek Rei | Ted Briscoe


Pdf Export Search Combining Manual Rules and Supervised Learning for Hedge Cue and Scope Detection
[W10-3008]: Marek Rei | Ted Briscoe