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Pdf Export Search HarriGT: A Tool for Linking News to Science
[P18-4004]: James Ravenscroft | Amanda Clare | Maria Liakata

Pdf Export Search All-in-one: Multi-task Learning for Rumour Verification
[C18-1288]: Elena Kochkina | Maria Liakata | Arkaitz Zubiaga


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2017 Task 8: RumourEval: Determining rumour veracity and support for rumours
[S17-2006]: Leon Derczynski | Kalina Bontcheva | Maria Liakata | Rob Procter | Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi | Arkaitz Zubiaga

Pdf Export Search Turing at SemEval-2017 Task 8: Sequential Approach to Rumour Stance Classification with Branch-LSTM
[S17-2083]: Elena Kochkina | Maria Liakata | Isabelle Augenstein

Pdf Export Search Incongruent Headlines: Yet Another Way to Mislead Your Readers
[W17-4210]: Sophie Chesney | Maria Liakata | Massimo Poesio | Matthew Purver

Pdf Export Search TDParse: Multi-target-specific sentiment recognition on Twitter
[E17-1046]: Bo Wang | Maria Liakata | Arkaitz Zubiaga | Rob Procter

Pdf Export Search TOTEMSS: Topic-based, Temporal Sentiment Summarisation for Twitter
[I17-3006]: Bo Wang | Maria Liakata | Adam Tsakalidis | Spiros Georgakopoulos Kolaitis | Symeon Papadopoulos | Lazaros Apostolidis | Arkaitz Zubiaga | Rob Procter | Yiannis Kompatsiaris

Pdf Export Search ClassifierGuesser: A Context-based Classifier Prediction System for Chinese Language Learners
[I17-3011]: Nicole Peinelt | Maria Liakata | Shu-Kai Hsieh


Pdf Export Search The language of mental health problems in social media
[W16-0307]: George Gkotsis | Anika Oellrich | Tim Hubbard | Richard Dobson | Maria Liakata | Sumithra Velupillai | Rina Dutta

Pdf Export Search Don’t Let Notes Be Misunderstood: A Negation Detection Method for Assessing Risk of Suicide in Mental Health Records
[W16-0310]: George Gkotsis | Sumithra Velupillai | Anika Oellrich | Harry Dean | Maria Liakata | Rina Dutta

Pdf Export Search SentiHood: Targeted Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis Dataset for Urban Neighbourhoods
[C16-1146]: Marzieh Saeidi | Guillaume Bouchard | Maria Liakata | Sebastian Riedel

Pdf Export Search Stance Classification in Rumours as a Sequential Task Exploiting the Tree Structure of Social Media Conversations
[C16-1230]: Arkaitz Zubiaga | Elena Kochkina | Maria Liakata | Rob Procter | Michal Lukasik

Pdf Export Search Combining Heterogeneous User Generated Data to Sense Well-being
[C16-1283]: Adam Tsakalidis | Maria Liakata | Theo Damoulas | Brigitte Jellinek | Weisi Guo | Alexandra Cristea


Pdf Export Search Using word embedding for bio-event extraction
[W15-3814]: Chen Li | Runqing Song | Maria Liakata | Andreas Vlachos | Stephanie Seneff | Xiangrong Zhang

Pdf Export Search WarwickDCS: From Phrase-Based to Target-Specific Sentiment Recognition
[S15-2110]: Richard Townsend | Adam Tsakalidis | Yiwei Zhou | Bo Wang | Maria Liakata | Arkaitz Zubiaga | Alexandra Cristea | Rob Procter


Pdf Export Search University_of_Warwick: SENTIADAPTRON - A Domain Adaptable Sentiment Analyser for Tweets - Meets SemEval
[S14-2136]: Richard Townsend | Aaron Kalair | Ojas Kulkarni | Rob Procter | Maria Liakata


Pdf Export Search A Discourse-Driven Content Model for Summarising Scientific Articles Evaluated in a Complex Question Answering Task
[D13-1070]: Maria Liakata | Simon Dobnik | Shyamasree Saha | Colin Batchelor | Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop and Interoperability with Discourse
[W13-2300]: Antonio Pareja-Lora | Maria Liakata | Stefanie Dipper


Pdf Export Search A three-way perspective on scientific discourse annotation for knowledge extraction
[W12-4305]: Maria Liakata | Paul Thompson | Anita de Waard | Raheel Nawaz | Henk Pander Maat | Sophia Ananiadou


Pdf Export Search Corpora for the Conceptualisation and Zoning of Scientific Papers
[L10-1440]: Maria Liakata | Simone Teufel | Advaith Siddharthan | Colin Batchelor

Pdf Export Search Identifying the Information Structure of Scientific Abstracts: An Investigation of Three Different Schemes
[W10-1913]: Yufan Guo | Anna Korhonen | Maria Liakata | Ilona Silins | Lin Sun | Ulla Stenius

Pdf Export Search Zones of conceptualisation in scientific papers: a window to negative and speculative statements
[W10-3101]: Maria Liakata


Pdf Export Search Semantic Annotation of Papers: Interface & Enrichment Tool (SAPIENT)
[W09-1325]: Maria Liakata | Claire Q | Larisa N. Soldatova


Pdf Export Search Automatic Fine-Grained Semantic Classification for Domain Adaptation
[W08-2212]: Maria Liakata | Stephen Pulman


Pdf Export Search Tokenization and Morphological Analysis for Malagasy
[O06-5001]: Mary Dalrymple | Maria Liakata | Lisa Mackie


Pdf Export Search A Two-level Morphology of Malagasy
[Y05-1008]: Mary Dalrymple | Maria Liakata | Lisa Mackie


Pdf Export Search Learning theories from text
[C04-1027]: Maria Liakata | Stephen Pulman


Pdf Export Search From Trees to Predicate-argument Structures
[C02-1105]: Maria Liakata | Stephen Pulman


Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition in Greek Texts
[L00-1128]: Iason Demiros | Sotiris Boutsis | Voula Giouli | Maria Liakata | Harris Papageorgiou | Stelios Piperidis