Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the MultiLing 2017 Workshop on Summarization and Summary Evaluation Across Source Types and Genres
[W17-1000]: George Giannakopoulos | Elena Lloret | John M. Conroy | Josef Steinberger | Marina Litvak | Peter Rankel | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search MultiLing 2017 Overview
[W17-1001]: George Giannakopoulos | John Conroy | Jeff Kubina | Peter A. Rankel | Elena Lloret | Josef Steinberger | Marina Litvak | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search Query-based summarization using MDL principle
[W17-1004]: Marina Litvak | Natalia Vanetik


Pdf Export Search Social and linguistic behavior and its correlation to trait empathy
[W16-4314]: Marina Litvak | Jahna Otterbacher | Chee Siang Ang | David Atkins

Pdf Export Search MUSEEC: A Multilingual Text Summarization Tool
[P16-4013]: Marina Litvak | Natalia Vanetik | Mark Last | Elena Churkin

Pdf Export Search What’s up on Twitter? Catch up with TWIST!
[C16-2045]: Marina Litvak | Natalia Vanetik | Efi Levi | Michael Roistacher


Pdf Export Search Krimping texts for better summarization
[D15-1223]: Marina Litvak | Mark Last | Natalia Vanetik

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Summarization with Polytope Model
[W15-4632]: Natalia Vanetik | Marina Litvak

Pdf Export Search HEADS: Headline Generation as Sequence Prediction Using an Abstract Feature-Rich Space
[N15-1014]: Carlos A. Colmenares | Marina Litvak | Amin Mantrach | Fabrizio Silvestri


Pdf Export Search Mining the Gaps: Towards Polynomial Summarization
[I13-1075]: Marina Litvak | Natalia Vanetik

Pdf Export Search SmartNews: Towards content-sensitive ranking of comments
[I13-2010]: Marina Litvak | Leon Matz

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Multi-Document Summarization with POLY2
[W13-3106]: Marina Litvak | Natalia Vanetik

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Single-Document Summarization with MUSE
[W13-3111]: Marina Litvak | Mark Last


Pdf Export Search A New Approach to Improving Multilingual Summarization Using a Genetic Algorithm
[P10-1095]: Marina Litvak | Mark Last | Menahem Friedman

Pdf Export Search Towards multi-lingual summarization: A comparative analysis of sentence extraction methods on English and Hebrew corpora
[W10-4010]: Marina Litvak | Mark Last | Slava Kisilevich | Daniel Keim | Hagay Lipman | Assaf Ben Gur


Pdf Export Search Graph-Based Keyword Extraction for Single-Document Summarization
[W08-1404]: Marina Litvak | Mark Last