Pdf Export Search Twist Bytes - German Dialect Identification with Data Mining Optimization
[W18-3925]: Fernando Benites | Ralf Grubenmann | Pius von Däniken | Dirk von Grünigen | Jan Deriu | Mark Cieliebak

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Manipulation for Generating more Diverse and Interesting Texts
[W18-6503]: Jan Milan Deriu | Mark Cieliebak

Pdf Export Search SB-CH: A Swiss German Corpus with Sentiment Annotations
[L18-1372]: Ralf Grubenmann | Don Tuggener | Pius Von Däniken | Jan Deriu | Mark Cieliebak


Pdf Export Search Transfer Learning and Sentence Level Features for Named Entity Recognition on Tweets
[W17-4422]: Pius von Däniken | Mark Cieliebak

Pdf Export Search SwissAlps at SemEval-2017 Task 3: Attention-based Convolutional Neural Network for Community Question Answering
[S17-2054]: Jan Milan Deriu | Mark Cieliebak

Pdf Export Search TopicThunder at SemEval-2017 Task 4: Sentiment Classification Using a Convolutional Neural Network with Distant Supervision
[S17-2129]: Simon Müller | Tobias Huonder | Jan Deriu | Mark Cieliebak

Pdf Export Search Potential and Limitations of Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification
[W17-1103]: Jan Milan Deriu | Martin Weilenmann | Dirk Von Gruenigen | Mark Cieliebak

Pdf Export Search A Twitter Corpus and Benchmark Resources for German Sentiment Analysis
[W17-1106]: Mark Cieliebak | Jan Milan Deriu | Dominic Egger | Fatih Uzdilli


Pdf Export Search Swiss-Chocolate: Combining Flipout Regularization and Random Forests with Artificially Built Subsystems to Boost Text-Classification for Sentiment
[S15-2101]: Fatih Uzdilli | Martin Jaggi | Dominic Egger | Pascal Julmy | Leon Derczynski | Mark Cieliebak


Pdf Export Search Meta-Classifiers Easily Improve Commercial Sentiment Detection Tools
[L14-1634]: Mark Cieliebak | Oliver Dürr | Fatih Uzdilli

Pdf Export Search JOINT_FORCES: Unite Competing Sentiment Classifiers with Random Forest
[S14-2062]: Oliver Dürr | Fatih Uzdilli | Mark Cieliebak

Pdf Export Search Swiss-Chocolate: Sentiment Detection using Sparse SVMs and Part-Of-Speech n-Grams
[S14-2105]: Martin Jaggi | Fatih Uzdilli | Mark Cieliebak